Why do I want to go abroad?

Why do I want to go abroad?

A stay abroad is an excellent opportunity to advance yourself on a personal, but also professional level. It doesn’t matter whether you want to work abroad or want to get to know the schools and universities better. The advantages are obvious.

How do I become an Erasmus student?

But you don’t even have to have studied – trainees or people who want to do an internship as part of their professional qualification can also apply to the European Commission for a partial scholarship. The same applies here: Duration: At least two weeks and a maximum of twelve months.

How often can you participate in Erasmus?

For each study phase (Bachelor, Master, PhD) 12 months are available for stays abroad as part of the ERASMUS program. A time quota of 24 months is available for single-stream courses (state examination, diploma). This time quota can be used for studies and internships.

How much does Erasmus pay?

As an Erasmus+ scholarship holder, you do not pay any tuition fees abroad, achievements are recognised, and you also receive monthly funding of up to 450 euros (study) or 550 euros (internship).

What do you mean by semester?

A semester lasts 6 months, i.e. half a year. A bachelor’s degree with a length of 6 semesters takes 3 years and a master’s degree with 4 semesters takes 2 years.

How many months is a semester?

How long is a semester?

What is a semester? The year at the university is usually divided into semesters. Each of them lasts half a year.

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