Why do I want to study dual studies letter of motivation?

Why do I want to study dual studies letter of motivation?

The letter of motivation is part of the application for a dual study program. Here you explain your previous career and explain why you would like to complete a dual study program in this company or this university. There are two ways to apply for the dual study program.

What are the advantages of a dual degree?

The 5 advantages of a dual course of study. Great practical relevance in the dual course of study. The main advantage of your dual study program is the strong connection to practice. Multiple degrees in less time. Better study financing through your own salary. Very good study conditions. Very good takeover and job market opportunities.

How do I apply for a dual study program?

There are basically two ways to get a dual study place: Either you apply to the company and are automatically enrolled at the partner university after you have been accepted, or you apply to a university and then look for a company with which the university cooperates …

Which certificates must be included in the dual study application?

However, in order to have a chance of a dual study place, your certificate does not have to be peppered with “ones”! The prerequisite for enrolling in a dual course of study at our university is proof of a technical college entrance qualification (school and practical part) or a general university entrance qualification.

When to apply for study 2020 21?

The following applies to the winter semester 2020/2021: Applications for courses with limited places can be submitted from until midnight. Applications for unrestricted admission courses are possible (depending on the university) from mid-August to mid-October.

When to apply for study 2021 22?

In order to have the test result for a study place application for the winter semester 20/21 or summer semester 2021, you had to register for the test. For the winter semester 2021/22 and summer semester 2022, the deadline is expected to apply

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