Why do you do a student exchange?

Why do you do a student exchange?

A student exchange not only promotes your experience and skills, you will also learn a lot about yourself and learn that you can trust yourself and your decisions. This gives you the opportunity to develop yourself and see things from different perspectives.

Why do you do a year abroad?

Future: You can learn a lot for the future from a year abroad. On the one hand, you get to know the world and yourself from a different perspective and understand better why the cultures are so different. On the other hand, you get the chance to use this knowledge and develop yourself further.

Should students spend a year abroad?

Student exchange USA: 9 reasons why students should spend a whole year abroad. Experiencing other countries, people and cultures The student exchange offers young people a unique opportunity to discover new things, to try out new things and to learn a language perfectly.

How old do you have to be to do a year abroad?

The question of what age you should be for a year abroad is not that easy to answer. It is a fact that most professional organizations require students to be between the ages of 15 and 18 for their student exchange programs.

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