Why do you say nineteen hundred?

Why do you say nineteen hundred?

Because while from 11 the hundreds were simply counted on, which would be strictly forbidden in mathematics, the even thousands are spoken in the same way as one would pronounce “normal” numbers. So there was the year two thousand, two thousand (and) one – and now two thousand (and) ten.

How do you pronounce years?

¬ęThe pronunciation of the dates has not been standardized and has therefore neither been written down nor changed in a legally binding manner. How language – and thus pronunciation – changes cannot be foreseen, what will be used, continues and solidifies.

How do you pronounce the year 2100?

2- Of 20, the year is spoken like a normal number: two thousand, two thousand ninety-nine (one word). How do you speak the future years from 2100? 2100 = two thousand one hundred or twenty-one hundred?

How do you pronounce the year in English?

Since the year 2000 the year has been pronounced like the normal basic number. Earlier years are pronounced as ‘hundreds’ as in German, with hundred and mostly being omitted in English.

How do you spell Thirteen?

English numbers1stfirstsixteenth11theleventhsixtieth12thtwelfthseventieth13ththirteentheightieth14thfourteenthninetieth12

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