Why do you want to be a social worker?

Why do you want to be a social worker?

As a social worker, you help disadvantaged people to find their place in society again. This is how you help wherever social conflicts arise – in families, educational institutions, residential groups or on the street.

What is social work?

Social work promotes the societal and social development of people and their self-determination. This means that social work gives people help in difficult life situations and encourages them to cope with the challenges in their lives.

What is a social worker?

Social workers and social pedagogues provide educational and counseling work, for example in rehabilitation, in prison facilities or in youth and family welfare.

Is social work even a profession?

Of course, social work is a profession, the work of social workers is a profession like any other. As long as we question this – and with it the meaning and value of our work – we are handicapping ourselves.

What distinguishes a profession?

Other characteristics of a profession are: a high degree of professional organization (professional organization), personal and factual freedom to design and make decisions in the activity, as well as your own professional ethics. …

Who Gets a Social Worker?

Especially those who have served a long prison sentence are dependent on the help of a social worker. The street worker who looks after and advises people without a place of residence is also a “social worker”.

What are the duties of a school social worker?

The task of the school social workers is to help children and young people, in close cooperation with the teachers, to cope with their learning problems and/or life problems, to strengthen their personality and to tap into resources in their social environment…

Why is school social work so important?

Above all, however, the school social worker works preventively. It strengthens the personality of children and young people, prevents bullying and violence and counteracts school refusal. The teachers also benefit from the neutral confidants.

What makes a good social worker?

Direct contact with the client makes up most of the work for a social worker. Good communication skills and social skills are therefore very important here. For this, a social pedagogue needs analytical thinking skills and he must not shy away from the paperwork.

What do tutors do?

A guidance counselor is a teacher who is intended to be a special confidant for students. He is the contact person in the case of treatment that is perceived as unfair and problems inside and outside the school.

Do tutors have a duty of confidentiality?

Although the guidance counselor is subject to a duty of confidentiality and may not, for example, talk to other students or teachers about what you are discussing, they must inform the school management or legal guardians if they suspect health hazards, drug abuse, criminal offenses or …

Why school social work in elementary schools?

Primary school social work is the point of contact for children, parents, teachers and other child and youth welfare services. The elementary school social work offers advice for parents, children and teachers in questions of education and upbringing: individual case help.

What is an SV teacher?

The SV teachers have the task of advising and supporting the student representatives in the planning and implementation of their projects and of coordinating between the SV and the school management – however, they do not intervene in the decisions of the SV. The SV teachers are also tutors.

What is the SV?

The student council, or SV for short, is a participatory group at the school that advocates for the interests of the students. Only high school students are represented in this participation group. The chairpersons are the student representatives.

Who can attend the school conference?

members. In the minimum composition, the headmaster, the chairperson of the parents’ council, a teacher and (in the case of secondary schools) the student representative are members of the school conference. The head teacher is often the chair.

What happens in the school conference?

According to the school law, the school conference is of particular importance. The school conference is the “supreme advisory and decision-making body for school self-organization. It serves the cooperation of pupils, their legal guardians and the school staff” (§ 75 Abs. 1 SchulG).

What does the school conference decide?

The list of their competences is long: the school conference decides where the funds will go, which profile and program to aim for, how the results of the lessons will be evaluated (evaluation), how much homework should be, how long the school week should be – i.e. Saturday lessons …

What is the school board?

The school guardianship represents the interests of the parents in shaping the educational work of the school. She advises on all important school matters. To this end, she can submit applications to the school conference. Parents can also consult among themselves about educational work.

Can you be a parent representative in 2 classes?

The following applies to elementary schools: No one may be class parent representative in two classes. Anyone who is already the class parent representative in another class may not be elected as a deputy.

What is a school conference NRW?

The school conference is the highest participation body of the school. In the elementary school, the school conference consists of representatives of the parents and teachers. The chairperson is the head teacher.

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