Why do you want to become a psychotherapist?

Why do you want to become a psychotherapist?

As a psychotherapist, you treat people who suffer from severe emotional stress and mental disorders. By means of conversations you try step by step to inform your patients about their problems and to show them a way out of their problematic.

What is the difference between a psychologist and a psychotherapist?

A psychologist studied psychology. He can only work as a psychotherapist after completing several years of training. A psychiatrist may also prescribe medication for treatment while a psychological psychotherapist has therapeutic discussions.

When do you go to a psychologist and when to a psychiatrist?

When to the psychologist? Anyone suffering from a mental illness, such as depression or addiction, goes to a psychiatrist or psychotherapist. Mentally ill people don’t actually go to a psychologist at all. A psychologist does not treat diseases.

What does the psychologist ask me?

Most of the questions you will hear at the beginning are very similar. They are used so that the other person can get an idea of ​​you, your complaints and the treatment contract. At the beginning it is often said: What brings you here? Or: What problems / difficulties do you have?

How does psychological counseling work?

A session usually lasts between 45 and 60 minutes. The default is 50 minutes. At the beginning it can be difficult to determine exactly how long you will receive therapy. Nonetheless, a point in time should be agreed upon when we can jointly draw up an initial interim balance.

What is an initial interview?

The so-called “first talk” After the appointment has been made by telephone, the so-called “first talk” takes place. In the initial consultation, the therapist as a rule asks the patient to tell about the reason for his arrival and his problems as freely and in an unstructured manner as possible.

What is an initial interview for an application?

In the first interview, the interlocutors make a pre-selection of possible suitable applicants. In the initial interview, questions are generally asked about specialist and industry knowledge, willingness to go on business trips and language skills. In addition, an initial personality check on your strengths will be carried out.

When should you go to a psychologist?

How you can tell that you should go to a psychologist (and how to find the perfect one) If you have a stomach ache, fever or other physical complaints, you go to the doctor. Sure – he’ll examine you, maybe write you sick and give you medication.

What happens to a psychologist?

During psychotherapy you learn to perceive and understand your moods, feelings, thoughts, behaviors and their connections. During the therapy you will be given aids to gain more control and insight into your feelings, thoughts and behavior.

Can a Psychologist Really Help Me?

Psychotherapy can relieve symptoms of depression and reduce the risk of relapse. You can achieve this, for example, by helping you deal better with negative thoughts or challenges. It can also make it easier to better understand the causes of the symptoms.

Why do you go to a psychologist?

As soon as you have the feeling that your worries determine your everyday life and you are experiencing persistent restrictions such as insomnia, difficulty concentrating, loss of motivation or bad mood, psychotherapy can help.

How does the first appointment with a psychologist work?

An initial interview takes about 50 minutes. You will have enough time to discuss all important topics in peace. Sometimes it takes several conversations before the psychiatrist understands the client, his situation and the problem in all details.

How do you get to a psychotherapist?

Important: You can contact psychotherapists directly for an initial consultation and do not need a referral from your family doctor. Therapists who have a health insurance certificate are obliged to offer psychotherapeutic consultation hours.

What does a psychiatric examination do?

What is a psychiatric examination The psychiatric examination is used to clarify disorders and diseases of the psyche (soul, spirit). These can be pathological disorders of feelings, mood, thinking, memory, experience or behavior.

What do you do with a therapist?

The patient describes his problems and his points of view. The therapist tries to understand the patient’s feelings and thoughts as precisely as possible. Client-centered interviewing is based on the therapist repeatedly summarizing the patient’s statements in his own words.

What does psychotherapy Kernberg help?

What good is psychotherapy, Mr. Kernberg? Experiences of a famous psychotherapistPublisher: Verlag HerderFormat: HardcoverGenre: Counselor / life support, everyday life / lifestyle, personal developmentSize: 192 pagesDate of publication:

How does outpatient therapy work?

If a psychotherapist comes to the conclusion during the consultation that the patient urgently needs help, he can offer or arrange acute psychotherapeutic treatment. This individual treatment is available to patients up to 24 times per case of illness. A session lasts 25 minutes.

How long does outpatient therapy last?

Treatment can also include phases of intensive therapy. How long does therapy last? The standard duration of treatment is nine to twelve months.

What is outpatient therapy?

Outpatient psychotherapy is the right treatment for the individual complaints and is likely to lead to treatment success to the extent planned. This is checked by the treating therapist (in the case of long-term therapies also an expert) before the application.

What does outpatient treatment mean?

For patients, outpatient care in the hospital means that there is no need to go back and forth between hospital stays that may be necessary and regular visits to the resident specialist, and treatment is coordinated from a single source.

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