Why do you want to study?

Why do you want to study?

a university degree opens up many professional opportunities. While the apprenticeship prepares you for a certain profession, after completing your degree you are less committed and there are many options open to you. Studying is worthwhile and the career prospects with a degree are excellent!

Why do so many want to study?

There are many different reasons many people want to study and each has different reasons. Many professions require a degree. On average, academics earn more than people who have only completed an apprenticeship. With a degree you usually have better opportunities for advancement.

Why do I want to study economics?

Reasons for studying business administration. Especially those who successfully complete their business studies at one of the renowned universities have usually already been able to establish contacts with different companies during their studies and can therefore count on a permanent job immediately after completing their business studies.

Why should you study in Germany?

For sure. Germany is a safe country, also in international comparison. You can move freely here – whether in the city, in the country, by day or night. With its economic and political stability, Germany also offers the ideal setting for your studies.

How can you study in Germany?

To be able to study in Germany, you have to have a high school diploma. A comparable degree is required for international students.

What do you learn in business administration?

The business administration course conveys general fundamentals from economics and builds on it with specialist knowledge with different business management focuses. The topics of planning, organization and calculation are the basic contents of general business administration.

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