Why does a new employer want a wage tax certificate?

Why does a new employer want a wage tax certificate?

The new employer is not legally entitled to require you to submit the electronic income tax certificate from the previous employment relationship. It is then up to the employer to use this information to call up all the data required for income tax deduction from the tax authorities.

What do I have to present to the employer when I am hired?

Hiring employees Employees only have to inform the employer of their tax identification number and date of birth, and whether it is a main or part-time employment. With this information, the employer can call up all the data necessary for the wage tax deduction.

Can you request a wage tax certificate?

If you have not received your income tax certificate or if you can no longer find it, you can request it from your employer again. Because this is obliged to keep all data for ten years.

Can I check my income tax card online?

You can see your current ELStAM on your pay slip. However, there is also the option of viewing your current ELStAM in the ElsterOnline portal. Registration with the tax identification number (IdNr.) Is necessary for this.

Where can I find the electronic income tax card?

The “Application for correction of the (ELStAM)” form is available from the tax office or online from the Federal Central Tax Office in the form center under income tax. The changed characteristics are then sent to the Federal Central Tax Office, which makes them available to the employer.

How do I get my ELStAM data?

In order to be able to view your ELStAM, log into the ElsterOnline portal ( with your ELSTER certificate.

How can I view my data at the tax office?

Retrieve data – Under “Forms & Services”, “Receipt of receipts”, you apply for your retrieval code, which will be sent to your Elster mailbox by post and also by e-mail. With this code you can call up the data stored at the tax office. Check data – You can include this data in your tax return.

When can the tax office look at the account?

Personal data for the tax office When it comes to general data about people, the tax office has some information. The office can query every citizen’s full name, date of birth, religion, marital status and any children under 18 years of age from nationwide.

What data does the tax office have?

E-data available to the tax office The tax office usually has the following data electronically: Data from the electronic income tax certificate, reported by the employer. Wage replacement benefits such as unemployment benefit or sickness benefit, reported by the employment agency or by the health insurance companies.

Who transmits data to the tax office?

The data is transmitted electronically, many of them at regular intervals – for example from health insurance companies or other authorities. In addition, the tax office is in contact with the police, customs and tax investigators as well as the Federal Central Tax Office.

Will the pension be reported to the tax office?

The tax office learns about pension payments automatically. The pension insurance carriers and also the private insurers inform the tax authorities in so-called pension receipt notifications which pensions they have transferred during the year (Section 22a Income Tax Act).

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