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Why is artificial turf a great alternative to real turf?

When the sun is shining outside, the birds are singing happily and the bees are quietly humming, we want to spend as much time outdoors as possible. The desire to stay outdoors longer has now established itself as a modern living trend. That is why every home and garden owner tries to turn his small or large outdoor area into a green oasis in order to relax and have fun with friends and family members. However, it is not always easy to completely embed your own garden, balcony or terrace in green. Many hobby gardeners find it difficult to constantly mow, fertilize and water the lawn and at the same time constantly fight against weeds. If you feel the same way, but don’t want to do without the lush green of your garden, then this article is for you. In the following we present a great alternative to real turf, namely artificial turf. Find out right away what advantages an artificial lawn can bring you!

Lawn maintenance is very time-consuming, which is why many people choose artificial turf for their outdoor area.

Kunstrasen schöner gepflegter Außenbereich künstliche Rasenfläche Steinplatten Sitzecke

We don’t really want to make a comparison between artificial turf and natural turf. Rather, we focus on the advantages and possible uses of royal grass and are happy to report anything worth knowing about artificial turf. With this we hope to be helpful to all interested parties so that everyone can make a well-informed decision.

Artificial grass looks like real lawn.

Kunstrasen künstliches Gras Rolle sieht wie echter Rasen aus

The artificial turf scores with its natural look and feel

As the name suggests, the artificial turf is artificial in nature. However, in terms of natural look and feel, it is in no way inferior to real lawns. Thanks to high-quality materials and innovative product designs, artificial turf has been developed in recent years in such a way that it now looks deceptively real and is exactly similar to natural turf. The green blades of grass can be of different lengths, but they always give you the impression that your feet are embedded in real grass. You can also vary the color of the grass fibers. Instead of green, you can also choose something else, for example gray or brown, and thus set great accents in the outdoor area. That means only one thing: artificial turf has a natural look and feel and it looks natural and feels like natural grass.

Artificial grass convinces with its natural look and feel

Kunstrasen künstliches Gras unterschiedliche Länge der Grashalme natürliche Optik und Haptik

Artificial turf can be used in many ways

You are probably wondering, but artificial turf offers a wider range of uses than natural turf. For example, in every garden there are shady places where grass does not grow. This is exactly where you can lay artificial grass and visually enhance these places. On hot summer days, they are great playgrounds for the children. You can also use artificial grass to move the balcony or terrace and turn them into little oases of peace and relaxation. This is a great alternative, precisely for big city children, to enjoy fresh air and lots of sun every day without leaving your own four walls.

The artificial turf is often laid on terraces and balconies in order to transform them into places of calm.

Kunstrasen auf Terrassen und Balkonen verlegt Orte der Ruhe gestalten

But if you have a garden, you can consider yourself lucky. Because there artificial grass is really widely used. Whether you want to create a cozy outdoor dining area or a safe playground for your little ones is entirely up to you. However, we advise you to opt for artificial turf and to embed your outdoor area entirely in green with artificial grass. The man-made lawn looks really nice around the pool too and can spice up your favorite sitting area outside. There’s nothing more enjoyable than sitting outside with family and friends and watching the kids play. In this way you will also feel the surrounding nature up close and teach the little ones how important such a way of life is.

Your dining area can stand in the middle of an artificial lawn and appear very inviting.

Kunstrasen Essecke im Freien inmitten einer Rasenfläche künstlicher Natur wirkt sehr einladend

Artificial turf is easy to care for, hard-wearing and durable

Last but not least, we want to draw your attention to purely practical aspects. First and foremost, high-quality artificial turf is and will remain beautiful in all seasons, including winter. It does not depend on the weather and cannot lose its beautiful rich green color. In addition, it is extremely easy to care for. Forget everything about annoying and time-consuming lawn care, there is no more mowing, fertilizing and watering! But you have more free time that you can enjoy as you wish. If your artificial turf has any dirty stains, you can easily clean them with water. Artificial grass is characterized by high durability and longevity. You can count on a long shelf life, for example 10 years and longer. Then it will always look like new and will continue to beautify the place where you moved it.

Do you want to design your own oasis of wellbeing in the open air?

Kunstrasen Essecke im Freien ganz in Grün gebettet eine Wohlfühloase unter freiem Himmel Gartenzaun grüner Baum Sträucher

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