Why is brain death so controversial?

Why is brain death so controversial?

The basic thesis of the experts has certainly surprised many doctors: For the panel, the loss of thinking, feeling and one’s own personality is not the reason for brain death. These patients are dead because they cannot survive without a brain.

Can a brain dead person still cry?

Brain dead could still feel something. Since brain dead people no longer have a functioning brain, they cannot feel anything either. With every brain death diagnosis, the trigeminal nerve is stimulated and thus the greatest possible pain stimulus is triggered.

What happens when someone is brain dead?

When a person is brain dead, they cannot breathe on their own. Indications of brain death are a lack of reaction to pain (including no grimacing), no respiratory drive, and the loss of brainstem reflexes. These reflexes are mediated by the brainstem, an important part of the brain.

Can you survive brain death?

In any case, one thing is certain: If the irreversible loss of brain function is determined according to the guidelines, there is no way back to life.

How do you determine brain death?

For the diagnosis of brain death, a deep coma must be present, which is characterized by unconsciousness without opening the eyes and by the absence of defensive reactions to appropriate pain stimuli.

Are you just brain dead when you donate an organ?

Organs can only be donated by deceased persons who died under certain conditions. The prerequisite for organ donation is that all brain functions have irreversibly failed. This condition is known as brain death.

What is the difference between cardiac death and brain death?

It states: “Most of the organs to be transferred are not taken from living donors, but from brain-dead ones. The external difference between cardiac death and brain death can be mistakenly interpreted as if tissue and organs were removed before and not after the donor’s death.

What fails in cardiac death?

If there is a lack of blood and therefore oxygen, the brain stops functioning and the person concerned loses consciousness. Shortly before this, symptoms such as sweating, shortness of breath and tightness in the chest can occur. Instead of ventricular fibrillation, an immediate cardiac arrest can also rarely trigger cardiac death.

Does a brain dead person have pain?

A brain dead person feels no pain. Because his brain functions are completely gone, and without a functioning brain there is no pain.

Is organ donation dead?

The doctors allow the patient to die and accompany him in the process. Organ donors, on the other hand, are artificially ventilated for longer. Their brain is already severely damaged, they have no chance of survival, but they are still treated until what is known as brain death.

When is a human dead organ donation?

It states that a person is dead when their brain is completely dead. Two doctors have to determine this independently of each other. The most important signs of death: The pupils must be rigid. The breathing reflex must have failed, so the patient is artificially ventilated.

What organs can you donate after death?

The following organs can be donated: heart, lungs, liver, kidneys, pancreas and intestines. The following tissues can be donated: cornea and sclera of the eyes, heart valves, skin, blood vessels, bone, cartilage and soft tissue as well as tissue obtained from the pancreas or liver.

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