Why is early childhood education so important?

Why is early childhood education so important?

As part of early childhood education, children can make contact with their peers and acquire their first social skills. It also offers parents the opportunity to return to their jobs.

What does early childhood care mean?

Early childhood education includes the education of children from birth to preschool age. In contrast to early intervention, early childhood education is about promoting the intellectual, moral, cultural and physical development of able-bodied children.

What is early childhood education shepherd?

Schäfer his concept of early childhood education. The focus is particularly on early childhood learning, self-reliance and dealing with the natural, social and cultural world.

Where can you work as a childhood educator?

Professional fields in which childhood educators work are also the traditional areas of activity of educators such as crèches, kindergartens, after-school clubs, integration kindergartens and after-school clubs, all-day schools, facilities for the disabled, youth welfare facilities, homes as well as children and …

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