Why is educator an important profession?

Why is educator an important profession?

Educators bring their own interests, skills and hobbies to the work, e.g. B. in sports and games, in projects, in the areas of music, environment, creative design or experiential education. Educators receive open and honest feedback every day.

What are the educational goals?

Pedagogical goalsSocial competence. Imparting values ​​and ethics.Intercultural learning.Environmental education and training.Language education and support/communication.Musical education and training.Physical education and support.Aesthetic, visual and cultural education and training.

What concepts are there?

Parents who have focused on a pedagogical concept can therefore pay attention to this directly when looking for a place in a daycare center.The Waldorf kindergarten. The Montessori concept. The forest kindergarten. The situational approach. Freinet pedagogy. The toy-free kindergarten. The integration kindergarten.

What pedagogical approaches are there?

“A pedagogical approach is a defined system of pedagogical beliefs that consciously sets itself apart from other approaches and formulates consequences for professional pedagogical practice.” …

What is an educational concept?

The concept is the binding basis for the pedagogical work in a day-care center. It is therefore the most important written guide for you as a parent who is looking for day care for your child when choosing a child care service.

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