Why is it important to get involved socially?

Why is it important to get involved socially?

Through social commitment you look beyond your personal nose, you come into contact with people from other social groups and are confronted with situations and conflicts that allow you to grow as a person and strengthen your self-confidence. Experiences that you can build on in the job.

What can you get involved in?

There are many opportunities for social commitment: reading stories to children, spending time with older people, distributing food to the homeless, donating money, planting trees, creating a city garden, walking dogs, giving private tuition…

What is included in compensation?

In Germany, an expense allowance is a flat-rate payment that is paid to compensate for expenses that are connected with an office or an activity and that cannot or do not have to be specified in more detail in terms of time, place and/or content.

How much is the expense allowance?

How high can a tax-free expense allowance be? Voluntary work: Expense allowances of up to 840 euros per year are tax-free. Trainer flat rate: Expense allowances of up to 3,000 euros per year are tax-free.

How high is the expense allowance for plasma donations?

For whole blood donations, many blood donation services pay 10 to 20 euros per donation, donations can be made around six times a year. In most centers you get more money for a plasma donation, the expense allowance amounts to 25 to 40 euros.

What does a lay judge get as compensation?

As a lay judge, you will receive an expense allowance of a flat rate of six euros per hour. You will also be reimbursed for your travel expenses to the court. In addition, the loss of earnings is reimbursed if the earnings are more than six euros per hour.

Who pays honorary judges?

The honorary judges do not receive any remuneration. However, they are compensated for their work in accordance with §§ 15 et seq. JVEG.

When do you become a lay judge?

Lay judges must be at least 25 years old when they take office and may not be older than 69 years (§ 33 No. 1 and 2 GVG). The key date after which the age is to be calculated is January 1, 2019 (beginning of the term of office).

How can I become a jury?

Only German nationals can be elected as lay judges. A second nationality is harmless. Elected persons are obliged to take office. Any person can be elected unless they are excluded from voting under the provisions of the Courts Constitution Act (GVG).

Who can become lay judges in court?

Only women and men between the ages of 25 and 70 with German citizenship and no criminal record may become lay judges. Lay judges have to get an idea of ​​the facts during a hearing.

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