Why is it important to learn English?

Why is it important to learn English?

Meet people from all over the world In English you can talk to many people from all over the world. On vacation or other stays abroad you have the chance to meet many new people. English is usually the common language.

In your opinion, how important are foreign languages ​​in professional life?

On the one hand, applicants who have good foreign language skills can get better chances on the job market. Knowledge of foreign languages ​​is also good evidence of applicants’ ability to learn. In addition, for these working people, foreign language skills also play an important role.

What does good knowledge of English mean?

Good knowledge: You can actively participate in a conversation and also read and understand foreign language texts. Very good knowledge: These are also referred to as fluent. This means that you can communicate almost without mistakes and also understand complicated texts.

What is meant by basic knowledge of English?

But even those who learned English at school but have not spoken or used it for many years may only have basic knowledge. Basic knowledge is generally understood to mean that the applicant can communicate in a broken way. He does not have to master any sophisticated formulations.

What is meant by business fluent English?

English is fluent if the applicant can converse in the language without hesitation or long thinking. He is capable of conversation and can demonstrate this skillfully. Your English is fluent in business if you can also use specialist vocabulary.

What is meant by fluent English?

Many employers still know the classification “good knowledge” or “very good knowledge”. Some also differentiate between oral and written. We speak of “fluent language skills” when communication is possible without problems.

What does speaking fluent English mean?

What does it mean to speak fluently? It means exactly what the word implies: when you speak, the language “flows”. There are no interruptions and the speed is like a native speaker.

How do you describe language skills in a CV?

Evaluation scale for specifying language skills in the CV “School knowledge” or “Basic knowledge” “Good knowledge” (possibly with the addition “spoken and written”) “Very good knowledge” or “Fluent” (possibly with the addition “spoken and written )”Business fluent””Mother tongue”

What is basic knowledge of a language?

Basic knowledge is school knowledge that is sufficient, for example, to find your way around on vacation or to make a short telephone call.

How do you indicate computer skills on a resume?

You name computer skills in a sub-item of the Knowledge and Skills section. If computer skills are important for the position you are applying for, then you can highlight them in a separate section in your CV… Mention a generic term. “Internet” “MS Office” “Several image editing programs”

What levels of language proficiency are there?

These are further subdivided into a total of 6 language levels: A1 – Beginners. A2 – Basic knowledge. B1 – Advanced Use of Language. B2 – Independent language use. C1 – Expert language skills. C2 – Nearly native language skills.

What does business fluent mean?

“Fluent” and “business fluent” This shows that even complex topics are not a problem and that the appropriate technical vocabulary is available. Fluency also means being able to interpret nuances in the language during a negotiation.

What does language proficiency b2 mean?

B2 is an advanced language level with which you can understand more complex issues in a foreign language and express yourself independently. The division into different levels makes it easy to determine internationally and across languages ​​how advanced you are in a foreign language.

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