Why is literature research important?

Why is literature research important?

What is the purpose of the literature research? The systematic selection and use of literature is essential when writing an academic paper. The selection of useful literature should help you not to lose the overview and instead narrow down your list of literature according to topic.

What belongs in the methodology?

In the methodology part you explain how you carried out your research and how you came to your results. You’ll go into what methods you’ve used to test a hypothesis, conduct a case study, or find the answer to your research question.

What do we understand by methodology and didactics?

While didactics is about planning what is being taught, methodology is concerned with how the learning content is conveyed. How does the interaction work? In order to enable optimal learning, didactics and methodology must be linked.

What is didactics simply explained?

Didactics (from ancient Greek διδάσκειν didáskein, German ‘to teach’) is the “art” and the “science” of learning and teaching. It is a central discipline of education and, in addition to technical training, is part of the qualification in academic teacher training.

What is meant by the term methodology?

Methodology (from the Greek μεϑοδική (τέχνη) methodikḗ (téchnē) “art of planned procedure”) is the totality of all scientific “ways” to a goal, i.e. the science of the methodology of a science.

What is the difference between method and methodology?

The methodology (Greek μεθοδολογία – the methodology) is the study of the methods, the scientific procedures. As such, methodology is a meta-science and thus a sub-discipline of the philosophy of science. In contrast, “methodology” means the methodological knowledge of the practitioner or the educator.

What are methodological didactic principles?

Didactic and methodical principles are guidelines that result from the idea of ​​good teaching. They serve the teachers as a basis for decisions about the planning and implementation of lessons, so they have an effect on the design of tasks and exercises.

What is a didactic concept?

The didactic conception is about exploring all essential components of the planned learning environment and combining them in a way that is conducive to learning. A love of technology and personal preferences have no place in e-learning.

What kind of pedagogical methods are there?

2. Pedagogical procedures and methods 2.1 Work process-oriented further training (APO) The APO was created (as APO-IT) together with the Further Education Ordinance IT in 2002. 2.2 Atelier work. 2.3 Brainstroming. 2.4 Letter method. 2.6 coaching. 2.7 Miniature democracy. 2.8 familiarization. 2.9 exploration.

What methods are there in social work?

The predominant method concepts in social work / pedagogy are differentiated according to: Classical methods (also called primary methods), including social individual assistance, social group work and social community work. and secondary methods, including supervision, planning and counseling.

Why is it important to reflect with children?

The reflection helps the children and young people to become aware of their own approach, successes and obstacles. The exchange in tandem, in a team and with the educators also strengthens the social and communicative skills of the young researchers.

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