Why is punctuation important in a text of direct speech?

Why is punctuation important in a text of direct speech?

There is a comma after the verbatim speech, followed by the accompanying clause and ending with a period. If question marks or exclamation marks are part of direct speech, they are retained. At the end of the verbatim speech, the full stop is omitted, it is at the end of the accompanying clause.

How do you continue writing after verbatim speech?

After which punctuation marks do you write uppercase and when do you lowercase?Commas, dashes, parentheses, apostrophes, hyphens, and forward slashes do not affect case. After a colon, it is always written in normal capital. The literal speech always starts with capital letters.More entries…

Do you capitalize after the verbatim speech?

After the introduction of the verbatim speech, there is always a colon, followed by a space and the opening quotation mark, i.e. without spaces. This is followed by the literal speech (with a capital first letter!), which ends with a quotation mark.

Is it capitalized or lowercase after a bullet point?

If bullet points form independent sentences or if nouns or substantivations come first, the matter is clear: the first word is capitalized. But what if groups of words start with adjectives, verbs or pronouns? There is no binding regulation for this.

How do you write in bullet points?

If you’re using bullet points as a bulleted list… capitalize bullet points when bullet points are separate sentences or begin with a noun. … capitalize bullet points if they begin with adjectives, verbs or pronouns. The Duden has no binding rule for this.

What is a bulleted list?

A bulleted list is used to structure a list. It is followed by a space: When justifying, you should use a hard space, otherwise the list will be out of sync: Finally, there is the ellipsis.

What is an enumeration in German?

General. In a list, the comma separates individual words, groups of words or parts of sentences. If the terms are connected by coordinating conjunctions, no comma is used.

What is an enumeration?

1) Naming a number/amount of objects piece by piece. Origin of the term: Derivation from the stem of the verb to enumerate through conversion.

What do you call an enumeration?

The enumeratio is a stylistic device of rhetoric and can be found in works of all kinds and literary genres. The enumeratio basically means the enumeration of different words and can be syndetic, asyndetic and polysyndetic.

What is the enumeration as a stylistic device?

The asyndeton is a stylistic device of rhetoric that we encounter in texts of all kinds and literary genres. The asyndeton is a list (cf. enumeratio) of at least three words or phrases that are equivalent and not connected by a conjunction (connecting word).

What is bullet point?

dash. Meanings: [1] a bullet point. [2] Language usage in connection with legal texts: the content that is written after a bullet point.

How do you make an en dash?

On a standard keyboard, this works quickly and easily with the key combination Ctrl + minus sign, whereby the minus sign means the one on the right of the numeric keypad. Inserting the dash: bottom left key + top right key. Insert dash using the symbol palette.

Is there a comma before and?

This includes the rule that a comma must always be placed in front of the conjunction. There is practically no exception to this. But, as is well known, expresses a contradiction.

Can a and come after the comma?

And after an inserted subordinate clause: The comma does not have anything to do directly with the conjunction and, but belongs to the preceding subordinate clause. Therefore, no comma may be placed in front of and. Example: The Audi Dome will be full today. He will also be bursting at the seams.

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