Why is social media marketing so important?

Why is social media marketing so important?

Opportunities and risks of social media. Through social media, companies are able to reduce the distance to their customers. In addition, companies gain additional platforms to strengthen brand awareness through social networks.

How can I connect Instagram and Facebook?

Step-by-step instructions: Link your Facebook page and Instagram account Open your Instagram profile in the app and click on the burger menu (three lines below each other). Click on “Settings” at the bottom. Click on “Account Click on Linked Accounts. Then select Facebook.

Is my Instagram connected to Facebook?

Your Instagram channel is now officially connected to the associated Facebook account. Instagram is always introducing new features – such as “IGTV”! A look at the new feature of the platform is definitely worthwhile for marketers!

Why can’t I connect my Instagram account to Facebook?

Verify that you are logged into the correct Facebook account associated with the Instagram business profile. Within Facebook, navigate to the Facebook page. Select Settings. Select Instagram to confirm the connected Instagram profile.

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