Why is something sinking in the water?

Why is something sinking in the water?

Whether a thing swims depends on the density of the body, on the ratio of weight to volume. So if an object is shaped and has such a volume that it displaces more liquid than it weighs itself, then it floats.

What sinks faster in the water?

If the density of a substance is greater than the density of water (1 g / cm3), the body will sink. If the density of the fabric is less than 1 g / cm3, the body swims. The red wooden ball floats, it sinks about half its volume in the water, because the density of wood is about 0.5 g / cm3.

What is swimming up?

Whether an object swims in water or submerges does not depend on its size, but on its density. The reason is that the water molecules need more space when they solidify, so the density of ice is lower and it floats on top.

Which liquid is heavier than?

The aim is to find out: air, wood, corks and plastic are lighter than water because they have a lower density and / or a lower molecular weight. Metal, stone and mother-of-pearl are heavier than water.

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