Why is the bibliographic information important?

Why is the bibliographic information important?

The bibliographical information (title, author, year, etc.) is the information that is necessary to describe a book or other literature clearly and unmistakably. They can be of different sizes; that depends on the respective publication.

What does reference mean?

References to literature (also referred to as references or references) are sources that clearly refer to literature sources. They are an essential part of scientific texts.

Which place with reference to literature?

Except for magazines, the place of publication is always given. This is not easy to justify from current practice, since historians do not name the publisher who has its seat in the town. A search for a title based only on the place of publication should only be easy for those familiar with the publishing landscape.

What belongs in a bibliography?

At the end of a scientific paper you have to add a bibliography. All of the sources you have used are listed in full here …

Which sources have to be given?

For the information you usually need the first and last name of the author, the title of the work, the place of publication, the publisher, the year of publication and the page. The source for a book according to the German citation style looks like this: ¹First name, name, title of the work.

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