Why is the honey bee so important?

Why is the honey bee so important?

Bees – essential for our ecosystem What is often forgotten: bees are our third most important livestock after pigs and cattle. When feeding on nectar and pollen, they carry pollen from flower to flower and thus ensure the reproduction of numerous flowering and useful plants.

What would happen if there were no spiders?

Without the spiders, the ecological balance on earth would be upset. The zoologists at the University of Basel (Switzerland) and Lund University (Sweden) are quite sure of that. For the first time, their investigations have shown what part the 45,000 species of spiders play in this.

What happens when the wasps die out?

In many places there are wasp advisers who can professionally relocate nests. Anyone who kills wasps can sometimes be prosecuted. According to the catalog of fines, depending on the federal state, between 5,000 and 50,000 euros, and up to 65,000 euros for specially protected species.

Where are there no insects?

There are almost no insects in the marine area and hardly any insects in Antarctica. But in all other areas there are very, very many insects. Most of the groups of insects that we have in Germany, for example, are really found all over the world.

Do all insects have blood?

Since the blood circulation system is open, the Mixocoel fluid mixes with the original blood. Therefore, the hemolymph is often referred to as “blood of insects” or “blood of crustaceans”.

Which animals are insects?

Well over 30,000 different species of insects live in Germany. In addition to the butterflies, ants, mosquitoes and wasps mentioned, they also include various types of beetles, bees, flies, dragonflies, bugs, lice, grasshoppers and earwigs. Spiders, on the other hand, are not classified as insects.

Do insects have internal organs?

The insect body always consists of three parts: head (caput), chest (thorax) and abdomen (abdomen). All insects have six legs. Insects have a simple nervous system and an open vascular system. This means that the internal organs are inside the body and are bathed in blood.

What characteristics do all insects have?

Insects can be recognized by very specific characteristics that each species of insect has. They all have one thing in common: their body consists of three parts: head, chest and abdomen. This is protected by a solid armor made of a material called chitin. It is, so to speak, the skeleton of the insect.

Where do insects live?

Insects inhabit almost the entire earth. They live in the tropics, subtropics, temperate zones and even beyond the arctic and arctic circles. The richest insect life reigns in the tropics. Here you will find the largest and most colorful species.

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