Why is the state allowed to levy taxes?

Why is the state allowed to levy taxes?

On the one hand, the state mainly levies taxes to finance its expenditure. Furthermore, the state levies taxes to influence the behavior of citizens. For example, to finance the reception of migrants and asylum seekers.

What happens if you don’t pay taxes?

And now to the opening question: It’s not just life that punishes those who come too late. According to the tax code, a late payment penalty can be imposed if the tax return is not submitted or is submitted late. A maximum of 10 percent of the assessed tax, but a maximum of 25,000 euros, is due as a penalty.

When do I not have to pay taxes in Germany?

Then you only have to pay tax on the income earned in Germany in Germany. So if you don’t have any income from Germany, you don’t have to pay income tax in Germany. If you no longer have any ties to Germany, i.e. are deregistered and hardly come to visit, there shouldn’t be any problems.

When are you tax free?

The basic allowance is to be understood as a tax-free annual amount. If you only earn 9,000 euros gross in 2018, you don’t have to pay any taxes. That’s 750 euros gross per month. However, every euro that exceeds this amount must be taxed.

When do I have to pay income tax?

So you can z. B. in tax class I do not earn more than 1,029 euros gross before wage tax is due. Employees from tax class III have to pay income tax if their gross monthly salary is over EUR 1,952.

When is the monthly payroll tax due?

The employer is legally obliged to pay the (individual) wage tax withheld and to be borne by him (flat rate) during the registration period to the local tax office by the 10th of the following month.

Are apprentices taxable?

When apprentices come of age, they must always fill out a tax return themselves. This also applies when young people still go to school, for example for high school students. Be that as it may, apprentices hardly ever pay taxes unless they have any other income.

Who pays tax on apprenticeship wages?

Young adults receive their first tax return in the year they come of age. The income and assets of minor children are taxed by the parents. There is one exception: Income from your own employment (e.g. the wages of an apprentice) must always be taxed by the child.

What must an apprentice be able to do?

In order to be allowed to train apprentices, the company needs a notice of assessment. Every employee of a company can take on the training – but he must have a trainer examination or an equivalent qualification.

Can trainees make annual income tax adjustments?

As a trainee, you usually do not have to submit a tax return. But in most cases it’s worth it. Because you can get many of the expenses of your education back with your tax return, even if you hardly paid any taxes in the year.

How do you do a tax return as a trainee?

The so-called simplified tax return is ideal for trainees. Here you don’t have to torment yourself through endless paperwork, just fill out the two-page form with your name, address, tax class and tax identification number, etc. and send it to the tax office.

Which form for trainee tax return?

Forms and submission forms And do you need them all?! the mantle sheet that everyone must fill out. It contains, for example, your name, your bank details, your tax class, etc. Appendix N for income from non-self-employment, i.e. your training allowance.

Which forms do I need for the simplified tax return?

Simplified tax return The simplified form has only two pages and replaces the four-page cover sheet and Annex N. In addition to this shortened form, you may also submit the pension expense annex and – if you have a child – the child annex.

What do I have to declare for the tax?

Documents that are worth their money!ID card or passport – must be submitted to the Tax number, tax identification number. Income tax assessment for the previous year / advance payment assessment. If necessary, account statements for the year concerned.

How can I do my tax return myself?

As an employee, you can easily file your tax return yourself. Employees and the self-employed who are subject to income tax can also do their own tax return.

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