Why is the story important to us?

Why is the story important to us?

The preoccupation with history should convey something to young people about their origin, the change and development of society, the possibilities of social coexistence and ultimately something about their own identity, so that they can make their own, free decisions in the future …

Why is source criticism so important?

The aim of a source review is to determine the cognitive value of historical evidence (sources) for one’s own question. In addition, the source criticism is the prerequisite for the interpretation of a source.

How is a spring created?

When rain falls on the ground, it hits different layers of earth, including humus, sand, gravel and clay. It accumulates over the clay layer. If it then occurs again on the surface of the earth, a source is created. It got particularly exciting when we let colored water seep through the different layers.

How does the spring get on the mountain?

Sources arise when so-called water-conducting layers. The water rains on top of the mountain, seeps away, collects on a dam and runs downhill on it until the water seeps away further or emerges as a source at one point.

How is spring water created?

Spring water or well water comes from natural underground and pollution-protected reservoirs and is bottled directly at the source (originally synonymous with “well”). Spring water must be “naturally pure” and must not be treated chemically or using filter technology.

How do I grasp a source?

You fill up the spring with washed roll gravel and dirty yourself up with a tarpaulin. Apparently you put a layer of concrete about 5-10 cm over everything so that no surface water comes in. Grasping sources is great, even if you know where it is. Digger, and it’ll be done in a day.

Who Owns a Water Source?

Ownership of the water is very confusing. The basic rule is simple: the groundwater only formally belongs to the property above. So a landowner’s property extends to the body of the earth beneath the surface.

How is spring water obtained?

Real groundwater is the result of natural seepage from precipitation and is pumped out of the underground via wells. It comes into daylight naturally via springs – the water obtained from it is called spring water.

How does spring water get to the mountain?

To put it another way: How does the water get to the mountain? When it rains heavily or the snow thaws, torrential streams tumble down the mountain. But most of the water seeps away. Sometimes seeping water hollowed out the rock in a U-shape, like a siphon.

What is the best spring water?

The test winner was the still water from Edeka (grade 1.8). The still discounter waters from Rewe, Aldi Nord, Kaufland, Netto, Real, Lidl and Norma were also rated “good”. All of them cost 13 cents per liter. The still Aldi-Süd water “Aqua Culinaris” only got a “satisfactory” rating.

Is spring water better than tap water?

In itself there is no better water than what is drunk or bottled directly at the source. Even if a few thread algae snake in the pool under the spring, there is hardly anything healthier than fresh spring water. This water has come a long way.

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