Why open concept daycare?

Why open concept daycare?

Open kindergarten means that there are no closed kindergarten groups, but that all children have open access to all rooms and are free to choose which playgroups they want to come together in.

What should the goal of education be?

After all, the goal of “education” is that our children can get along well in their lives, that they are happy and able to take care of themselves (both emotionally and materially), that they find their way and have the self-confidence and courage to do so also to walk and that they can deal with problems.

What is socialization pedagogy?

The concept of socialization is closely linked to psychology or pedagogy. What is meant is the process in which each of us learns to integrate into a society.

What does identity and socialization mean?

Socialization is a social science term. According to this, socialization processes lead to the emergence of references to action (communalisation) and orientations to action (social identity) in social coexistence, to which individuals refer in their social action.

What is identity according to Mead?

Mead’s concept of identity does not only refer to interaction, but primarily to the adoption of attitudes. He assumes that every member of society wants to be what is expected of him, that everyone sees himself through the eyes of others while he is acting.

What is role takeover?

For Mead, role-taking is primarily a cognitive process and involves less affective participation or empathic understanding. This happens, for example, by interpreting the other person’s gestures and language so that it becomes possible to meet the other person’s expectations.

What happens in the socialization process?

Socialization is the process and the result of people growing into their social environment and its values, norms and customs while at the same time developing and maintaining an individuality of the individual person in the sense of self-responsible, creative and self-realizing development…

Why do people need to be socialized?

Since humans do not have instincts that control their actions, they have to learn social norms, standards of behavior and roles in the process of socialization in order to become a social being capable of acting and behaving confidently in the respective social context and to develop their socio-cultural personality.

How does socialization take place?

Primary socialization occurs in early childhood. The secondary socialization takes place less in the family, but above all in the non-family area through the instances of institutionalized upbringing, education and training, through peer groups and through the mass media.

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