Why quantitative research?

Why quantitative research?

This is quantitative research The aim of quantitative research is to get a reliable overview of a fixed section of reality by focusing on the quantity of your results. Your results should of course also be of high quality.

What are qualitative interviews?

Qualitative interviews are a scientific method that you can use in your thesis to answer your research question. In qualitative interviews, the participants are asked openly about a specific topic.

What is qualitative?

qualitative adj. ‘in terms of nature, value, quality’ (19th century), French qualitative, late Lat.

Why is research done qualitatively?

The goal of qualitative research is to develop new theories or hypotheses on a topic. To do this, you concentrate on a few individual cases. The evaluation is done interpretatively. Quantitative research, on the other hand, aims to test existing theories or hypotheses.

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