Why reading makes you smart?

Why reading makes you smart?

Novels make you smarter than non-fiction booksYour brain needs stories. Knowing a lot, being able to express yourself, being empathetic and free from prejudice. This is what you get if you read fictional books. These effects work more with narrative fiction than with non-fiction – because we are emotionally more involved there.

How can I encourage a young person to learn?

Here are our 9 tips. Keep in touch. During puberty, children have everything else on their minds than school and learning. rules must be. rituals help. Learn learn. create a sense of achievement. Motivate instead of frustrate. spend time together. limit media consumption.

What to do when teenagers don’t go to school?

The NASP gives some tips for parents in dealing with school refusal: Parents should take their child to their pediatrician. Involvement of the teacher. Parents should remain assertive but friendly. Therapy is required for anxiety disorders and/or depression.

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