Why should cell phones be allowed in school? Why should cell phones be allowed in school?

Why should we be allowed to use cell phones in school?

Handling: Children can be shown at school how to behave on the Internet. Fast deployment: Carrying a smartphone makes it possible to quickly find information and work with it.

What speaks for a mobile phone?

What speaks in favor of a smartphone is that it combines the range of functions of several mobile devices. In addition to local WLANs, the use of the cellular network also provides the area-wide option of accessing the Internet.

Why is it important to have a cell phone?

In the circle of friends, the smartphone is important for interaction, communication and entertainment with peers. Rather, communication with friends improves because, unlike in the past, you can no longer be together every day, but you can still be in contact with each other.

Why do you say cell phone?

And indeed, the English word “handy” initially only meant “skillful, handy, useful, at hand”. But the term “handy” also existed as a noun in product names in English (“handycam”). In England, “handy” derived from “hand-held transceiver” already existed in the mid-1970s.

What does the term smartphone mean?

A smartphone is a mobile phone that offers many different functions. On the one hand, you can make calls, send and receive short messages with a smartphone, just like with a mobile phone. Just like computers, smartphones have an operating system.

Why is it called Natel?

The term Natel is a protected designation of the Swiss telecom company Swisscom. Historically, it derives from the term “National Car Phone” and was formerly used with a designation for network technology.

Is the word Handy German?

After the start of digital mobile communications 15 years ago, a peculiar word conquered the German language: Handy. Both Motorola and Telekom claim authorship, but the origin of the term remains obscure.

What is the cell phone called in other countries?

A cell phone, in German-speaking countries also cell phone, formerly also called radio telephone or GSM telephone (according to the mobile radio standard GSM), in Switzerland also called Natel, is a portable telephone that communicates with the telephone network via radio and can therefore be used anywhere.

Is cell phone a foreign word?

Mobile phone, on the other hand, is not a foreign word. The word could not be taken from another language because it is not used in any other language.

Is Handy an Anglicism?

“cell phone” (pronounced [ˈhɛndi]). In German, this word means a mobile phone. It is not used as a designation for such devices in English-speaking countries.

What are Anglicisms example?

Anglicisms come mainly from the economy: For some years now, Anglicisms have also found their way into everyday language, especially into youth and scene language: for example: open air, cool, trend scouts, sneakers, gangsters, etc.

What do you mean by Anglicisms?

Anglicism is a linguistic expression that has flowed from English into another language. In the course of generational change, both this evaluation and the use of Anglicisms can change.

What is the cell phone called in the US?

First of all, it should be pointed out that the term “mobile phone” is not commonly used in Anglican-speaking countries. Cell phones are called “cellular phones” (USA) or “mobile phones” (UK). The main providers in the USA are Verizon Wireless, AT&T Mobility, T-Mobile and Sprint Corporation.

Can you use the cell phone in the US?

According to the Mobile Information Center (IZMF), a tri- or quad-band cell phone is always required for a trip to the USA. Simple dual-band cell phones only support frequency bands 9 of the GSM mobile communications standard. They work quite well in Europe, but not in America.

Can I use my cell phone to make calls in the USA?

To make calls in the US, you need a tri- or quad-band cell phone. The reason: GSM standard 8 is used in America. In Europe, on the other hand, GSM frequency bands 9 are used for telephony. A dual-band smartphone is also completely sufficient.

Which network in the US?

The network operator AT&T provides the largest network in the USA and thus guarantees the best reception. T-Mobile USA has a very strong presence in metropolitan areas and advertises the fastest 4G network in the USA.

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