Why should I be a cop?

Why should I be a cop?

Their tasks include fighting crime, warding off dangers and securing peace. As a result, anyone interested in starting a career with the police has a good starting point for the correct understanding of the profession and the requirements associated with it.

What do you have to be able to do to become a police officer?

Becoming a police officer: the prerequisites For the higher service one usually needs the university entrance qualification or technical college entrance qualification. For the middle service, the secondary school leaving certificate is required, or a secondary school leaving certificate with completed vocational training.

What grades do you need for the police?

Practical trainingPolice behavior.Weapon and shooting training.Criminalistics (including forensic evidence, search) Ad processing.Information technology (including word processing, Internet fraud) Closed deployment (including event protection, demonstrations) Further entries …

What are the advantages of being a police officer?

Advantages in the police profession Daily contact with colleagues and the joint survival of tricky situations create a bond. Sports. Free medical care. Civil servant status. Pension instead of pension.

How dangerous is it with the police?

Police officers in Germany live dangerously. According to a study, since 1985 the risk of police officers being killed on duty has increased. 58 police officers have been killed on duty nationwide since 1985, eight in 2000 alone.

How much free time do you have as a police officer?

Police officers have just as much vacation as everyone else and, because of their excess, they are often off duty for a few days at a time. Certainly on some weekends there are public holidays. But not always. But then you have some time off on other days.

What is it like to work as a police officer?

Police officers maintain public safety and order. They perform a wide range of tasks: They solve crimes, document traffic accidents and check suspicious people. At the same time, the police are the first point of contact for citizens – they are “friends and helpers”.

How long does police school go?

Strong and competent police officers need a stable foundation. The training is divided into two phases in order to anchor theory and practice equally. The police training lasts a total of two years and consists of a year police school and a year teaching association.

Do the police pay overtime?

If so many hours have accumulated in the entire police station or in some departments that they can no longer be dumped, the state can provide a sum X for the payment of overtime (depending on the budget situation) – but this sum is usually not enough to all …

Is overtime counted as working time in the pension?

If the number of overtime hours fluctuates and falls below the base amount, the employee converts gross earnings into the pension plan accordingly. In addition, the employee has the option of paying additional sums into his company pension – until he reaches the maximum limit set by the state.

What do you earn in the police school?

Police students currently receive EUR 1,255 gross in the first year and an average of EUR 1,658 gross per month in the second year.

How long does the training to become a criminal investigator last?

The course takes a total of three years and is carried out at a police academy. In the second and third year of study you start with a six-month internship, the theoretical part of the training comprises a total of 24 months.

How much do you earn as a police officer training?

You will receive a salary during your training, which depends on your career and the respective federal state. In the middle service, the salary is in the range of 8 euros. In contrast, aspirants in the upper service earn between 10 euros a month.

How much does a police officer earn net?

But the salary for the police is surprisingly low, depending on the state. The highest salary groups of the police directors, in which monthly salaries of up to 6,000 euros net are achieved, only reach three percent of the police officers on average. The online calculator spits 1882.42 euros net per month.

Can you live very well as a police officer?

In addition, as a civil servant, you are almost always privately insured. Sure, you won’t get rich with it, but you can live with it. You earn € 2,400 gross and € 1,900 net.

How much does a police inspector earn?

Salary PolizeikommissarRegionQ1ØBayern3,123 € 4,116 € Berlin3,428 € 4,682 € Brandenburg2,520 € 3,271 € Bremen2,972 € 4,161 € 13

What does a police chief inspector earn net?

The salary as chief inspector ProfessionMonthly gross salary € 2,800.00 Annual gross salary How much net?

What does a superintendent earn net?

The 4,000 euros net, as a chief inspector, can neither be achieved with tax class III nor with tax class IV; at least not without child allowances. Fewer. Main commissioners are paid according to A11 or A12, senior commissioners according to A10. Civil servants are paid according to a fixed salary.

How much does a Police Commissioner earn?

1,230 euros (net)

Who is the police chief?

The police chief in Berlin is the official name of the police in the state of Berlin. The state police authority is headed by the police chief Barbara Slowik and employs over 25,000 people (including candidates and trainees).

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