Why should one read?

Why should one read?

Through regular reading and the constant absorption of new information, the brain is optimally challenged and the memory is trained so that it is still efficient in old age. Life can be quite challenging and many find it difficult to unwind after a stressful day at work.

What does reading bring us?

Many studies show that reading books has a positive effect on health. For example, reading reduces stress and helps you fall asleep. Reading and/or reading stories helps to switch off and calm down, especially after a hard day at work or at work.

How does reading affect the brain?

When reading, not only areas of the cerebral cortex change, but also other brain structures. Reading is good for our brain. Anyone who learns to read not only gains access to information, but also does something for their brain.

What happens to the brain when you write?

Writers thus use many modalities in the brain. It can be assumed that the overall cognitive development of children is more fertilized by writing than by typing because more neighboring functions – imagination, creativity, spelling, memory – are stimulated.

Is reading too much bad?

After all, we hear so often that hours of computer work and excessive TV consumption are not good for our eyesight. Doesn’t the eBook reader somehow belong in the same category? The redeeming answer right from the start: No, reading eBooks per se is not harmful to the eyes.

Is reading a lot bad for your eyes?

In principle, reading small print will not affect the eyes, but visual defects will become apparent more quickly,” says Eckert. The small letters do not damage the eyes, “but with such high visual requirements, those affected can notice limitations relatively quickly”.

How to make eyes worse?

If this increases the pressure inside the eye, open-angle glaucoma (a type of glaucoma) can develop, which damages the optic nerve. In malignant myopia, the retina can be stretched so much that it detaches more easily (retinal detachment). As a result, vision can suddenly deteriorate.

Can you spoil your eyes?

Reading in bad light Whether under the covers or by candlelight: basically you can’t spoil your eyes while reading. The same applies to writing that is too small or reading on tablets or e-readers. However, existing ametropia is noticeable more quickly than usual.

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