Why should you become an architect?Why should you become an architect?

Why should one become an architect?

Architects shape the way we live and work, research new technologies and materials and make a significant contribution to social stability with their projects. The enthusiasm for the profession is reflected above all at the universities.

How long does one study architecture?

So you can be inspired by the architecture of other cultures. Depending on the university, you will complete your architecture studies with a Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Engineering or Bachelor of Arts. The bachelor’s degree usually lasts six to eight semesters.

Why should you study architecture?

Studying architecture trains you to plan, design and design buildings. If you have studied architecture, you can use your ideas to design entire cityscapes and determine the effect of your buildings on the environment.

Do architects have a future?

“The job market for architects and civil engineers is closely linked to developments in the construction industry. “ writes the Federal Employment Agency in a labor market report. Employment is also increasing and the demand for architects and civil engineers is at the highest level in recent years.

What are the disadvantages of being an architect?

Architects have these disadvantages: Economic and financial uncertainty with a poor order situation. Restriction of your own imagination due to special customer requests. Very great responsibility with possibly fatal consequences (in the case of structural problems in the building)

How long does the Master in Architecture last?

The course has a standard period of study of four semesters. In addition, an internship is usually part of the study program. If you have successfully completed this course, you will usually acquire a Master of Arts degree, some universities also award Master of Science or Master in Architecture.

What is better architecture or interior design?

Architects design, plan and coordinate the construction of buildings. The interior designer is the architect of interiors. When it comes to structural or design changes to interiors or the redesign of floor plans, the interior designer will provide you with individual planning and a tailor-made solution.

How is the content of architecture studies changing?

The contents of the architecture degree are constantly changing, as are the tasks of the architect. The varied and wide-ranging course varies from university to university; from generalist training to concentration on individual areas.

What is special about the architecture course?

What is special about the architecture course is the combination of artistic creativity and solid engineering knowledge. Architecture is considered a classic art form and exerts a major influence on human perception. The buildings in a region often represent its culture, economic situation or climate.

How can I work on an architecture degree?

When studying architecture, it is simply necessary that you can work on the computer during project or group work. These take place in all possible places: in the atelier/studio, in the library or at someone’s home. A laptop is ideal for easy access to your data and programs anywhere.

How can you study architecture in Germany?

You can study architecture in Germany at many locations. Most universities that offer the degree are state universities and technical colleges. Students rate the architecture studies at the University of Hanover and the University of Stuttgart particularly well.

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