Why should you carry out a pre-departure check?

Why should you carry out a pre-departure check?

However, the pre-departure check not only serves to ensure safety, but also ensures that the vehicle remains economically viable by detecting defects in the vehicle in good time before major and more expensive damage or an accident can occur.

Why should they slow down now because of the road’s course?

The course of the road does not require a reduction in speed. Reduce speed so it can enter without endangering anyone. …

Why should you brake 029 now?

The tractor has left the road and is no reason for you to brake. The blue car is behind you at a sufficient distance and therefore gives you no reason to brake now. Due to the deep snow, he can only see the street insufficiently.

Why should you brake hard now?

The truck stops at the entrance and is therefore no reason for you to brake hard. When entering the street, the car swings onto your side of the road. Therefore, you have to brake hard to avoid colliding with him.

Why do you have to brake now because of the bus stop?

Because the tram doesn’t let you swerve to the left to overtake, you have to brake. Because of the stop. There is no stop in sight.

Why do you have to delay now?

Due to the lane narrowing, the truck has to change to the left lane. Decelerate here and let him switch lanes. You are driving slower than the prescribed 130 km/h.

Why do you have to wait before turning right?

You must allow the cyclist to pass before you can turn right. You are not allowed to turn until the pedestrian has completely crossed the street.

Why do you have to wait?

You have priority over the red vehicle because you are on the priority road. After all, you want to exit the priority road. Therefore you have to wait until the green van has passed to turn left into the street.

Why do they have to drive extra carefully on the road?

A tram could come at you from behind or in front. In this case, you must have an alternative in mind that does not endanger any road user. This is only possible through anticipatory driving.

Who thinks wrong?

Parking is permitted immediately after pedestrian crossings. Only the red car stops wrong, the yellow one is allowed to park like this. When parking in front of pedestrian crossings, a distance of at least 5 meters must be maintained so that pedestrians can be seen by the moving traffic in good time.

What significantly increases fuel consumption?

Continued use of seat heating significantly increases your vehicle’s fuel consumption. – the air conditioning. If you use your vehicle’s air conditioning system for a long time and frequently, this will significantly increase fuel consumption.

What leads to high fuel consumption?

If you use the gears fully, you use the maximum engine power, but the engine also consumes the most fuel. The engine must perform and burn more at high speed than at lower speed. …

What can contribute to saving fuel and protecting the environment?

Reducing the use of a vehicle naturally saves fuel consumption. This also benefits the environment, since fewer exhaust gases are released into the atmosphere. If you drive with foresight and thus avoid frequent braking and starting/accelerating, then this saves fuel and pollutes the environment less.

How do you achieve low fuel consumption?

How do you achieve low fuel consumption and low emissions? With a balanced driving style, you avoid accelerating and braking unnecessarily and you stay in the low speed range by shifting up early.

What does full gear mean?

Full use of all gears would mean maximum power for the engine and thus consume a lot of fuel. If you avoid frequent acceleration, then less fuel is consumed. If you shift into the next higher gear early when accelerating, then you are driving at low speed.

What can you do to protect the environment?

10 tips on how we can protect the environmentCreate less waste. To protect the environment, it is very important to drastically reduce the amount of waste that is produced every day. Reuse things and materials. consume less. Eat more sustainably. Throw away less food. Save water. Drive less. save electricity.

What should you do to protect the environment?

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