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Why should you choose a WPC privacy fence?

All home and garden owners have various aspects of outdoor design to consider when planning their garden design. In recent years, the garden has established itself as a second living room in the open air for many families. On hot summer days you want to spend more time outside, by the pool or among green plants. On warm evenings, people like to sit outside, where the children can have fun while adults have a barbecue and chat with friends and relatives. But is every garden well protected from prying eyes? If your privacy is an important aspect of your life and good privacy is a part of your overall garden design, then read on. In the following we show you great options for a stylish garden fence. Have you already thought of a WPC privacy fence for your outdoor area or are you still doubting its aesthetic and technical advantages? In the next few lines we try to dispel any doubts.

With a WCP privacy fence you can beautify your outdoor area.

WPC Sichtschutzzaun mit Gittern verschönert den Outdoor Bereich eleganter Look moderne Touches

What advantages does a WPC privacy fence bring to you in terms of aesthetics?

If you are looking for a stylish garden fence that offers the perfect privacy screen, then logically the question of the right material also comes into play. At first one usually thinks of the usual and very popular materials such as wood, stone, metal or combinations of these. But if you are striving for a modern fence design and want to combine it with good privacy protection, you should opt for a WPC privacy fence. The term WPC comes from English, but is also common with us and means Wood plastic composite. That means, a WPC garden fence consists of natural fiber composites that are reinforced with wood flour, wood fibers and other plastic products. From an aesthetic point of view, a WPC privacy fence is a great alternative to the other fence options. It enriches the garden design and brings more elegance and a modern touch to the outdoor area. The garden fence made of WPC elements can be made in different colors. It always has a natural look or is similar to the look of natural wood.

A WPC garden fence combines the advantages of wood and plastic.

WPC Sichtschutzzaun vereint die Vorzüge von Holz und Kunststoff weite Rasenfläche

A WPC privacy fence beautifies your garden and makes it more inviting and modern.

WPC Sichtschutzzaun schicke Outdoor Möbel am Pool perfekter Sichtschutz macht den Garten einladender und moderner

But the main function of any garden fence is to protect us from the prying eyes of neighbors or people passing by. Everyone wants to be undisturbed in their outdoor area, regardless of whether they are doing gardening, swimming in the pool or simply enjoying total relaxation in the shade. Our privacy is of paramount importance, so good privacy protection in the garden is a high priority. On this point, the WPC fence is simply without competition and exceeds all expectations. You can even design and configure your WPC privacy fence yourself. Just go online to Fiberdeck.de and let yourself be surprised by the numerous design options. There you will find a new privacy screen concept that is a mix of aluminum, WPC, glass and HPL.

A new privacy screen concept gives you numerous design options!

WPC Sichtschutzzaun mit Gittern verschönert den Outdoor Bereich eleganter Look moderne Touches 1

Do you also need to know the following technical characteristics of a WPC garden fence?

Before you decide on a modern WPC privacy screen, in our opinion you must also be familiar with the following technical characteristics of a WPC garden fence.

– Ease of care, weather resistance and service life

As we have already explained above, a WPC material is a successful mixture of plastic and wood fibers. It is ideally suited for use outside. The color scheme ranges from dark gray to teak to anthracite gray. But if you already choose a certain color, you don’t have to paint your WPC fence. Its color remains unchanged for years. It is also extremely easy to care for and can be cleaned quickly with water and a sponge if necessary. Without a doubt, WPC is more durable than wood and can be exposed to various types of weather. The artificial material can withstand wind and sun, rain and snow without swelling, fading, splintering, cracking or warping. You can count on an enormous longevity of the WPC privacy fence, for example three or four decades! No other fence material has such a long lifespan!

This WPC fence not only offers high-quality privacy protection, it is also easy to care for and durable.

WPC Sichtschutzzaun gemütliche Sitzecke vor dem Gartenzaun Flechtsessel hochwertiger Sichtschutz pflegeleicht langlebig

– WPC is an environmentally friendly material

Since the WPC material consists of approx. 40% plastic, dyes and additives and approx. 60% wood, it can be easily recycled. From this we can conclude: if you choose a high-quality WPC privacy fence, you are not only making your outdoor area modern. You are also doing something good for the environment!

– Light weight, stable construction and easy assembly

Last but not least! Compared to other fence materials, a WPC garden fence is light, but stable. It is also not complicated to assemble, and it does not take much time or effort. The best thing to do is to get full details of the assembly from your supplier.

Do you still have doubts about how to design a modern privacy fence?

With a WPC privacy fence, summer fun in the garden is guaranteed!

WPC Sichtschutzzaun grau Kombination mit Gitter grüne Fläche viel Sommerspaß im Garten erleben

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