Why should you donate blood at all?

Why should you donate blood at all?

One donation saves up to three lives In order to provide patients with safe blood products, it is therefore very important that every healthy adult shows their personal commitment by donating blood. Only certain components of the blood are needed to treat most patients.

Under what conditions is it forbidden to donate blood?

If a blood or plasma donation endangers the donor, no blood or blood components may generally be taken. People who, for example, suffer from diabetes and take insulin are therefore excluded from donating for their own protection.

Can you donate blood with blood pressure medication?

People with slightly elevated blood pressure and people with high blood pressure who are on medication are allowed to donate blood. In the latter group, however, it depends on which medications are taken.

Can you donate blood if you take antidepressants?

Yes and no. Taking certain antidepressants prohibits blood donation, with others it is possible.

Can you donate blood if you are allergic?

Unfortunately, blood donation is not possible if you have allergic symptoms. On the one hand, the general condition of the donor is impaired during an acute pollen allergy, on the other hand, the release of inflammatory mediators such as histamine in the donor blood can trigger intolerance in the transfusion recipient.

When is plasma not allowed to be donated?

Anyone who is in good health can donate plasma. You should not donate plasma directly after operations and vaccinations or after taking antibiotics, but wait a few weeks. Tattoos or piercings should also be at least four months prior to plasma donation.

Why can’t you donate blood if you weigh under 50 kg?

The reason for the exclusion is consideration for the donor. Blood donation is so hard on such lightweights that we wouldn’t do them any favors. There is a temporary exclusion for people who are newly tattooed or pierced.

When can I donate plasma after donating blood?

The minimum interval of 2 weeks to the last whole blood donation / platelet donation or plasma donation should be observed.

How many calories does donating plasma consume?

With every blood donation, you lose around 2,000 to 3,000 calories because the body has to regenerate the blood that has been taken.

How much should you drink before plasma donation?

In the last two hours before the donation, you should eat plenty of (low-fat) and drink (non-alcoholic). Before each donation, we check your immunoglobulin (IgG) and hemoglobin (Hb) levels. Both must conform to a standard. The IgG value must not fall below 6 g/l before a plasma donation.

Does plasma donation have side effects?

Possible side effects of a blood and plasma donation Circulatory problems (especially if the donors have not drunk enough beforehand), from slight dizziness to unconsciousness. Nausea, very rarely with vomiting. Pain and bruising (hematoma) at the injection site, local inflammation.

Is regular plasma donation healthy?

Long-term donors are a health hazard The main drugs that can be used for pharmaceutical purposes in blood plasma are immunoglobulins, proteins that form the body’s defenses. Regular plasma donations therefore mean withdrawing the body’s defenses in frequent succession.

How often can you donate plasma per week?

There should normally be a gap of 12 weeks, but at least eight weeks, between two whole blood donations. Women and men may donate plasma a maximum of 60 times a year. There must be at least three days between two plasma donations.

What happens when you donate plasma?

Plasma obtained from a whole blood donation or from a plasma donation can be stored frozen for about two years. To increase safety, the plasma is stored in so-called quarantine for at least four months.

How much do you get for a plasma donation?

A blood or plasma donation is always free of charge. An expense allowance in the form of money, vouchers or small gifts is possible.

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