Why should you travel to London?Why should you travel to London?

Why should you travel to London?

London is home to some of the best museums and galleries in the world, and many offer free entry to visitors. Spend a few hours at the British Museum, Tate Modern, Natural History Museum or Science Museum.

What is special about London?

Big Ben is arguably London’s most famous landmark. The city has four World Heritage Sites: Palace of Westminster, Westminster Abbey, Tower of London, Kew Gardens, and Greenwich, which houses the Royal Observatory. There are many other famous sights.

What to do in a weekend in London?

15 tips for a long weekend in London#1: Relaxed arrival | By train to London.#2: Oyster Card | Taking the Tube in London.#3: Honest Burgers.#4: Pret a Manger & Co: Alternatives to Starbucks.#5: Visiting Jamie Oliver.#6: Bubba Gump Shrimp Company.#7: Christopher’s Place.# 8: stay in London (Air BnB)More posts…•

What should you definitely do in London?

THE BEST ARTICLES JUST FOR YOUOverview of all attractions.Hyde Park.Tower of London.Westminster Abbey.St. Paul’s Cathedral. Buckingham Palace. Main article: Buckingham Palace. Changing the Guard.

What can you do in London today?

38 things you should do in LondonA ride on the London Eye. Float over London in the cable car. Make a detour to Hampton Court Palace. Admire the Crown Jewels Exhibition at the Tower of London. A guided tour of Buckingham Palace. Climb up into the dome of St. See the Egyptian mummies in the British Museum.

What to do in London at night

TOP 10 THINGS TO VISIT AND DO IN LONDON AT NIGHT Attending a West End theater show. The Key Ceremony. Take a culinary tour of Soho. A ride on the London Eye observation wheel. Join a Jack the Ripper tour.

What can you do for free in London?

EnglandTop 15 Free Things to Do in LondonNational Gallery. British Museum. Houses of Parliament. Tate Modern. Greenwich Park. Street art in East London. Borough Market. MuseumofLondon.

What not to do in London?

London Don’ts – It’s better not to do that! Don’t queue. Do not visit tourist highlights at the wrong time. Underground: Don’t eat or drink. Underground 2: Don’t stand left! Walkway: Don’t get in the way. Forgot Please and Thank you. Never confuse London Bridge and Tower Bridge. Be careful with V-signs (Peace)

Which parts of London should you avoid?

For example, Camden Market, which is so popular during the day, or the district of Brixton are visited by more and more pickpockets at night. Likewise in Kingston upon Thames, Richmond upon Thames, Kensington and Chelsea, here it is better to avoid public transport at night.

What is cheaper in London than in Germany 2019?

In summary, one can say: hotels in London are significantly more expensive than in Germany, food (restaurants, supermarkets, fast food) only slightly more expensive than in Germany, prices for public transport are about the same if you know your way around, beer in a pub is in London a bit expensive.

How long should you stay in London?

A city trip to London should last at least five days. In any case, you should plan enough days for a London city trip. So that you can also see something of the fascinating metropolis of London.

How much money do you need for 3 days London?

How much pocket money should you allow for per day? I would advise a minimum of EUR 55-70 (GBP 50-60) per day (accommodation not included). What costs money in London is eating out and some sights that cost a lot of money, such as Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey or the London Eye.

When to visit London?

Spring and Autumn (September and November) are fantastic times to visit the city when clear, cool days cast a beautiful glow over London and its attractions. London is at its loveliest in the last two weeks of September.

What do you need in London?

If you are a citizen of Switzerland or an EU or EEA country, you will need either a valid passport or a valid ID card to enter England. However, you do not need a visa and can stay in England for an unlimited period of time.

Can you go to London without a passport?

For up to three months you need nothing more than your identity card to be allowed to enter Great Britain as a German citizen. If you are planning to stay in the UK for more than three months you will need a valid passport.

Can you still pay with euros in London?

In London itself you can only pay in euros at the airport. At the latest when you leave the duty-free area at London airport, only pound coins and banknotes are accepted. However, you don’t necessarily need cash.

How much does a visa to England cost?

Prices UK VISA SERVICE FEE GREAT BRITAIN PRICE incl. VAT Tourist and visitor visa service fee for the main applicant EUR 149.00 *** Service fee for each additional applicant over 18 years of age per order EUR 129.00 *** Service fee for each additional applicant under 18 years of age per order EUR 79, 0038

How long does it take to get a visa to England?

Tourist Visa for England – Duration of Validity Unless important reasons are given, in most cases only periods of six or 24 months are approved for visa applications. Long-stay visas are only offered to people who travel frequently to England or Great Britain.

How do I get a visa for England?

There are currently two systems for applying for visas for England: you can apply for short-term and tourist visas in the new system without having to register. You have to apply for all other visas after registering once in the old system.

Can I enter England with a Schengen visa?

Great Britain has not signed the Schengen Agreement. So you cannot enter the UK with a Schengen visa; you need to apply for a UK visa.

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