Why should you work at Lidl?

Why should you work at Lidl?

Why do you want to work at Lidl? Because your range is very extensive, because your products are of high quality and your career opportunities are good. I’ve always wanted to be a retail salesman, working with the products is fun and the job is never boring.

What makes Lidl different?

Today, Lidl, as part of the Schwarz group of companies based in Neckarsulm, is one of the leading companies in the food retail sector in Germany and Europe. Lidl currently operates around 11,200 branches in 29 countries around the world.

What does the name Lidl stand for?

While Edeka stands for “colonial goods dealers’ cooperative”, Lidl is a shorthand for Ludwig. The tilted “i” in the company logo makes it really cute. Lidl is the name of the fourth largest food discount store in Germany (after Edeka, Rewe and Aldi).

What distinguishes Lidl?

We run our business systematically, simply and easily. Our promise: Lidl is worth it. Our goal: Quality and freshness at a reasonable price for our customers and future-proof jobs, varied tasks and unique development prospects for our employees.

Does Lidl have a company doctor?

Lidl attaches great importance to the fact that the employees are doing well and therefore offers a lot of offers such as a fitness studio, a company doctor, a parent-child office. The working hours are also very flexible and vacation can be taken at any time without any problems.

How much does Lidl pay?

Lidl pays its sellers an above-standard salary. With us, as a retail salesman, you earn at least € 12.50 per hour (for employees covered by collective bargaining agreements (even without completed vocational training), depending on experience and tariff area, significantly more).

Which company cars does Lidl have?

Lidl no longer relies on Audi for its own company cars, but rather on BMW and receives discounts of up to 50 percent. After six months of use, Lidl sells the BMW company cars itself. Lidl relies on BMW for its company car fleet.

How much do you earn as a sales manager at Lidl?

Salary as a sales manager This is an average annual salary of € 34,800 to € 58,800.

How much does a Lidl branch manager earn?

Branch manager in retail. Salary at Lidl: gross monthly between € 3,560 and € 4,510 (full-time), depending on the company and region.

Which company car and what salary?

The higher the salary, the faster the company car arrives. While five percent of all employees with an income between 30,000 and 40,000 euros drive a company car, it is 63 percent for top earners (150 – 200,000 euros).

How expensive can a company car be?

What company cars can cost At the top management level, the median purchase budget in Germany is 50,000 euros, in Austria it is 42,500 euros. Managing directors drive company cars that cost a median of 70,000 euros in Germany and 60,000 euros in Austria.

Which company car is worthwhile?

This means that the one percent rule is worthwhile for those who use the company car for at least 30 percent privately. The company car is particularly lucrative for the employer, who can lower the gross salary including the ancillary wage costs in the amount of the monetary benefit of the company car.

Which is better salary increase or company car?

It has to be clarified on a case-by-case basis whether the car will pay off instead of money. The rule of thumb: the less the company car costs and the shorter the distance between work and home, the lower the monetary benefit. And the sooner a salary conversion is worthwhile for the employee.

Is a company car a raise?

A company car instead of a raise is taxable. As a pecuniary benefit, the privately used company car is assessed by the tax authorities as additional wages in the form of a payment in kind and deducted from the net wage.

What is a cheaper company car or private car?

Private use of your company car lowers your net income The private use of your company car and the associated taxes also reduce your net income. In addition, the more expensive your car is and the more kilometers you travel from your place of residence to work, the greater the monetary benefit.

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