Why shouldn’t drugs be legalized?

Why shouldn’t drugs be legalized?

The central argument is: because drugs can be harmful, they should be banned. Medical research provides evidence that regular consumption of some illegal drugs, analogous to alcohol, could damage the brain.

Is it forbidden to use drugs?

The consumption of illegal drugs alone is not legally punishable. However, all activities related to consumption are punishable, such as possession, cultivation, manufacture, acquisition, trade and administration.

What’s So Bad About Coke?

Those who use cocaine are taking risks. There is no harmless consumption. Especially with higher doses – if you keep topping up “- the risks increase. Because cocaine does not supply the body with energy, but whips it on by using up its energy reserves.

What kind of legal drugs are there?

Legal drugs include alcohol, nicotine / tobacco, medication, natural / smart drugs, and inhalants. Some of these legal drugs are also socially accepted and are an integral part of everyday life for many people (the after-work beer, the glass of champagne at a party, etc.).

Is DMT legal in Germany?

In various online shops it is advertised as being contained in the plant “Mimosa Hostilis” (Jurema) and is legally advertised. This is misleading, because according to Annex I to the Narcotics Act (BtMG), the use of dimethyltryptamine (DMT) is punishable “if abuse for intoxication purposes is intended”.

Which drugs are illegal in Switzerland?

The Narcotics Act prohibits the consumption of drugs such as cannabis, cocaine, heroin, ecstasy and other addictive substances.

What are the most commonly used drugs?

Classification according to potential for harmRankDrugPoint value1Alcohol722Heroin553Crack544Methamphetamine3317

Where are most drugs used?

The drug most frequently consumed in Germany, however, is cannabis, especially among young people, of whom in Germany in 2003, according to the ESPAD study, 31% had already had experience with cannabis.

How many people are addicted to drugs?

In relation to the total population of around 140 million, this corresponds to 70 drug deaths per 100,000 inhabitants or 0.07 percent annually.

How many people in Germany are addicted to drugs?

Drugs and addictive substances cause considerable health, social and economic problems in Germany: According to representative studies (in particular the 2018 Epidemiological Addiction Survey), 12 million people smoke, 1.6 million people are alcohol-dependent and estimates suggest that 2.3 …

How many heroin addicts are there in Germany?

the rate of drug deaths known to be first-time users estimate the number of risky users of heroin and other opioids to be between 56,000 and 164,000 people.

How many drug deaths were there in 2019?

In 2019, 1,398 people across Germany died as a result of their drug use. According to the BKA, the number is almost ten percent above the level of the previous year.

Which state has the most drug deaths?

The federal state of North Rhine-Westphalia accounted for 292 fatalities. In 2018, however, the state of Bavaria recorded an even higher number of drug deaths with regard to North Rhine-Westphalia. According to the Federal Criminal Police Office, around 85 percent of those who died were male.

Where are the most drug deaths in Germany?

In 2019, 215 people died in Berlin as a result of their drug use. This means that the federal capital is not only the sad leader in the comparison of cities, but also the only major city with an uninterrupted increase over the past few years.

How many people died in Germany in 2019?

Number of deaths in Germany of 19 Number of deaths •

How many flu deaths in Germany per year?

The values ​​refer to the ICD-10 diagnosis groups J09 to J11 *. In 2018 there were 3,029 deaths from influenza viruses in Germany.

How many people died in Germany in 2020?

According to the Federal Statistical Office, there were a total of 78,346 deaths in Germany in October 2020. In October of the previous year the number was 77,006 deaths. Not counted are stillborns, subsequently notarized war deaths and judicial death declarations.

How many people die on the autobahn every day?

According to the Federal Statistical Office, a total of 3,046 people had fatal accidents …. Number of road fatalities in Germany from 19.

How many people die in a car accident every day?

More than eight traffic fatalities per day: Last year, 3,275 people died in traffic accidents in Germany – three percent more (95 deaths) than in 2017. This is reported by the Federal Statistical Office. The number of injuries rose by 5,706 to 396,000 people.

How many traffic fatalities in Germany every day?

In addition, many people have road accidents in rear-end collisions …. Number of people killed in road traffic accidents in Germany from January 2018 to September 2020.September more columns •

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