Why stage name?

Why stage name?

Stage names are more common than you might think. Celebrities use them to protect their privacy, the self-employed to better market their product or person. Journalists often use this to protect their identity.

Why do you use a pseudonym?

Those who belong to the opposite sex often use a pseudonym to improve the market opportunities for their works. In the English-speaking book market, only the initials of the first names are used, so that the author’s gender is not recognizable (e.g. TS

How much does it cost to register an artist name?

Many artists are already taking this route and registering their artist name as a trademark with the DPMA. An artist’s name can be entered in the trademark register both as a word mark and as a word and figurative mark (if the name has a graphic component). The costs for this amount to approx. 500 euros.

Can a second name be entered later?

If you change the name, it will appear on every new birth certificate afterward. In principle, an existing birth certificate cannot be changed. And you don’t have two names registered “under public law”, but submit a corresponding application.

How much does it cost to protect a name?

When registering for a trade mark, the fees of EUR 300 (EUR 290 for electronic trade mark applications) charged by the DPMA already include three classes of goods and services. The DPMA charges 100 euros for each additional class in the course of the trademark application.

Can I protect my name?

A trademark registration at the German Patent and Trademark Office is required for trademark protection in Germany. International or European trademarks are to be protected at the European Union Intellectual Property Office.

How can you protect a name?

Coca Cola, Tempo, Mercedes: Names for products or companies are trademarked. But terms such as Fön, Gutmensch or Millennium 2000 are also registered trademarks. Anyone who uses them has to pay money to the rights holder.

How can I protect my company’s name?

You receive Germany-wide protection for your company name if you register it as a word mark with the German Patent and Trademark Office (DPMA). After registration, the name for the registered goods and services in Germany may only be used by you.

How can I protect my logo?

You can have your logo and name protected together with a word/figurative mark. A logo is usually protected by registering it as a trademark at the DPMA. Experts usually refer to such a graphic element as a figurative mark.

What does it cost my company name?

A complete name development costs between 50,000 and 150,000 euros. The advantage of such professional support is also the protection against legal consequences. The expert checks whether the name violates existing trademark rights.

How do I find out if a company name already exists?

Check the availability of the company name in the company register or the Federal Gazette. German Trademark and Patent Office (DPMA) European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO)

How much does a trademark registration cost?

The DPMA warnsType of feeAmountAmountApplication fee for electronic applications (including the class fee up to three classes)290 eurosClass fee for application (for each class from the fourth class)100 eurosApplication fee for a collective or certification mark900 eurosAccelerated examination of the application200 euros9

Can you sell a company name?

Of course, the company is allowed to do that. The company name is part of the purchase contract. An established name is an intangible asset that the buyer just bought with it. Yes, he can.

How can I best sell my company?

Sell ​​the company successfully.Step 1: Gather all the information. Step 2: Have an exposé created for you. Step 3: Find a suitable corporate successor. Step 4: Get targeted support. Step 5: Let go at some point. Selling the company to a successor.

Can I register a trademark as a private individual?

In principle, trademarks can be registered by any company and by any private person, for any goods and services. A business is not required.

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