Why would the police take me?

Why would the police take me?

Their tasks include fighting crime, averting danger and securing the peace. This gives anyone interested in starting a career with the police a good starting point for the right understanding of the profession and the associated requirements.

What happens after police training?

After training If you have successfully completed your police training and passed the career examination, you will be appointed police officer in the middle service. In the higher service, you can call yourself a police commissioner after you have successfully completed your degree. Where and how you are deployed depends on the state.

How long does it take to be a cop?

Training. The duration of the training is usually three years for a degree, and two and a half years for an apprenticeship.

How do you climb the ranks as a cop?

Police officer in the higher service In the police and federal police, it is also possible to enter the higher service as in the middle service through police training. However, the school requirement for this is at least the technical college entrance qualification (or the Abitur), since a degree is part of the training.

Can you move up from the middle service to the higher police?

Wherever the middle service still exists, it is possible to move up to the higher service. You perform well and after 7 to 10 years you can work in the middle service and study (even without Abitur/FHR) for the higher service.

What is the higher service in the police force?

Higher-level police officers manage departments, police units and police facilities. They regulate the use of police forces, take care of the organization and the technical equipment and take on supervisory tasks. They also train young police officers.

How much does a senior police officer earn?

Your starting salary is a little higher in the upper service: Here you can count on between 28 euros per month. The limit for a career in the higher police service is around 4900 euros – but you can only count on such a high salary after many years of service.

How much does a commissioner earn?

Gross salary as commissioner Profession Commissioner Gross monthly salary € 3,241.35 Gross annual salary How much net?

How much does a senior police officer earn net?

Federal police officers earn around 200 to 300 euros more net. The colleagues from the higher service in the criminal police start as police commissioners and initially earn between 2,100 and just over 2,650 euros net in the federal state, depending on the federal state.

How much pension does a police officer get?

A total of around 1.4 million civil servants at federal and state level are currently receiving a pension. On average, each of them receives an average gross pension of 2,940 euros.

What does a policeman net Baden Württemberg earn?

The monthly salary as a candidate in the middle police service is 1150 euros net in the first year, 1200 euros net in the second year and 1250 euros net in the third year.

How much does a police officer earn?

For example, a civil servant in Bavaria with salary group A7 (middle service) starts with around 2,369 euros gross, in Berlin police officers in the same salary group, on the other hand, earn around 200 euros less than their Bavarian colleagues. In the middle service, police officers from the federal states earn up to around 4,500 euros.

How much does a Police Commissioner make?

Salary Police CommissionerRegionQ1ØBavaria3,123 €4,116 €Berlin3,428 €4,682 €Brandenburg2,520 €3,271 €Bremen2,972 €4,161 €13

How much does a Mid-Level Police Officer make?

You can expect a lot more money after you’ve completed your middle-level police officer training. Your starting salary in the middle service is at least 1,800 euros and can rise to 4,500 euros gross.

In which state are police officers paid the best?

There are two outliers among the states: Bavaria is the state that pays the best (EUR 62,736), Berlin pays the worst (EUR 57,061). Anyone who is a civil servant at a federal authority earns significantly more (63,974 euros).

What do you do in the middle service in the police force?

They take on security and patrol duties, help in dangerous and emergency situations, ensure that traffic is regulated and are jointly responsible for recording reports and accidents as well as for solving crimes.

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