Why would you like to work at ENBW?

Why would you like to work at ENBW?

We want to drive the energy transition forward and increasingly supply people and cities with sustainable energy. And we will develop into a sustainable and innovative infrastructure partner.

What do you answer? Why do you want to switch?

The question of your motivation to change is not an attack, but rather serves to clarify your motivation and your loyalty and to determine how serious you are with the new position. This is what HR managers want to read from your answer: your motives.

Where does intrinsic motivation come from?

Intrinsic motivation means you just do an activity for its own sake. Extrinsic motivation means: I do something to achieve a certain goal. So intrinsic motivation arises from joy – extrinsic motivation arises from goals.

What is the extrinsic motivation?

Motivation based on additional external stimuli is referred to in psychology as extrinsic motivation. On the other hand there is motivation from an activity itself, the intrinsic motivation.

Which is better intrinsic or extrinsic motivation?

Intrinsic motivation drives us permanently, leads to a self-determined life and makes us happier. Extrinsic motivation, on the other hand, can reduce wellbeing, take away the pleasure of doing what we do and lead to feelings such as fear, stress or inner alienation.

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