Why you should never rent a duplex parking space!

For over 3 years we had to park different cars in duplex parking spaces. Now we are happy to be able to use a normal underground parking space again. Duplex pitches are uncomfortable, dangerous and dirty. We explain here what you should do if you still need it.


Disadvantages of duplex parkers at a glance

The list of disadvantages of a duplex parking space could be continued endlessly. But let’s start with that only advantage an: At real hotspots such as in the centers of large cities, you simply put two cars in an area where otherwise there would only be space for one. But that was about it.

  • Only cars up to a certain size can be parked. Especially as good as no SUV fits on it. Often you can only park a large station wagon if you measure it with millimeter precision beforehand. In any case, almost all duplex spaces are limited in weight to 2 tons.
  • For structural reasons, you always drive over a duplex parker an edge – you either threaten downwards with a sports car in the middle – or when driving up with the front – put on. Even our Audi A3 Ambition without lowering could only drive through the shown duplex spaces very slowly in order not to touch down.
  • If, as with us, the vehicles to be parked change, it can quickly happen that the car Badly damaged when moving the hydraulic system if you do not measure the height of the car exactly beforehand.
duplex parker

Getting in and out of the car is extremely uncomfortable if you park on the left. Parking forward is usually compulsory.

  • Either when driving in (upper parking space) or when driving out (lower parking space) you have to conquer a high incline. If you do not dose the gas correctly, you risk running over the stopper / previously positioned wedge and damaging the vehicle.
  • Our 10 year old duplex pitches were gradually blocked because they were too rusty was. We didn’t even want to know how much the actual load capacity of our duplex place was.
  • On the undulating surface, which is wet and slippery in winter, you can as good as not running and slips easily or threatens to twist your foot.
  • if you have to park forwards on the left-hand side, the Open the driver’s door only minimally to get in and out.
  • is the Hydraulics defective or if the power fails, you cannot access your vehicle.
duplex parker oben

Above could also park small SUVs, but only backwards.

Tips on duplex parking

If you have to make the most of a rented duplex parking space, you should consider a few tips that we are happy to pass on from the past few years:

  • when choosing between the upper and lower parking spaces, you should always opt for the top one! Not only do higher vehicles fit on here, you can too stand / walk upright. To make matters worse, if the vehicle is parked below, it can also be damaged by water-salt mixtures that drip from the vehicle above. It is not without reason that lower duplex parkers are often cheaper to rent.
  • necessarily always apply the handbrake firmly and put in a gear! If the parking lot tilts during the hydraulic drive, an engaged gear cannot hold it alone and the car can roll away from the parking space!
  • In order to protect the car from rust and dirt, regardless of whether it is parked above or below, it is best to pack it in a car cover (less than € 30).
duplex parkplatz hebeb%C3%BChne

These duplex parkers from the 90s are moved with a key (right). Road salt and moisture quickly rust the platforms. Often they no longer carry the maximum load. In order to protect the concrete from pollution by exhaust gases, foils should be attached here when parking in reverse.

Better to wait for a normal pitch!

All the disadvantages, the driving up and down and the dangerous walking on the parking space as well as the hope that the roof of a new car will not be attached to the hydraulic drive Crush hidden ceiling got so annoyed that we preferred to rent an outdoor parking space instead of the duplex parking space. We have now been able to rent a nice parking space in a normal underground car park for the same price as some duplex parking spaces. Especially when you have a duplex parking lot uses daily, it is better to park in the open. A cheap duplex parking space makes sense if you have a car want to park there permanently and “well packaged”.

auto vollgarage autoabdeckung

Audi A3 for the winter packed in a Golf-size car cover from Cartrend

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