Will my foreign qualification be recognized in Germany?

Will my foreign qualification be recognized in Germany?

Please note that foreign university degrees can generally only be recognized in Germany if they were acquired at a state or state-recognized institution. These universities are marked with the status H + in the anabin database.

Which professions are recognized in Germany?

Health professions, architects and teachers. People with a regulated profession need to have their foreign professional qualifications recognized. Then they are allowed to work in this profession in Germany. The recognition finder helps you to find regulated professions.

Where is foreign qualifications recognized?

In order to submit the application, interested parties must contact the office responsible for their professional group. Information on the offices responsible for the individual professions can be found on the Internet at www.anendung-in-deutschland.de or by calling +1111.

What do you need for recognition?

You do not need any German language skills to apply for recognition. In the recognition process, the responsible body compares your professional qualification with the German reference occupation. However, in some professions you need German language skills in order to be admitted to the profession.

Who certifies foreign certificates?

Certify documents: the German embassies and consulates, the cultural department of the embassy of the country from which the certificate originates, the authorities and notaries who are allowed to carry out official certification in your home country.

How can you have a profession recognized?

www.anendung-in-deutschland.de: The portal of the Federal Ministry of Education informs people who have a formal foreign qualification how and where they can have it recognized. If it is a craft occupation, the chambers of crafts are responsible.

What is a completed training?

This means that you should have learned a trade and must have passed the exam. So a degree should also be completed. It’s about a completed training, i.e. passed with an examination!

What is the point of a completed apprenticeship?

Good news: A completed apprenticeship not only qualifies you for the job market, but also for seminars and courses that develop you professionally and personally. Further training has many advantages: higher salary. more know-how.

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