Will my studies be recognized in Germany? Will my studies be recognized in Germany?

Will my studies be recognized in Germany?

Foreign university degrees can generally only be recognized in Germany if they were acquired at a state or state-recognized institution. These universities are marked with the status H + in the anabin database.

What do I have to do to study abroad?

If you want to apply to a university abroad, you usually need your final certificate (Abitur, Bachelor or Master’s certificate), a curriculum vitae, a letter of motivation and a certificate of sufficient language skills.

Should you study abroad?

Pro study abroad The advantages Those who complete their entire degree abroad (and not just a semester abroad) gain extensive international experience and consolidate their foreign language skills deeply and comprehensively.

How many ECTS for Erasmus?

How many ECTS points do I have to achieve abroad? In order to be entitled to the ERASMUS + mobility grant, at least 15 ECTS points per semester must be proven on the Transcript of Records issued by the host university.

How many credits in the semester abroad?

30 ECTS points per semester are a guideline value for the EU. However, you must complete at least a course of at least 15 ECTS per semester at the partner university in full, i.e. including examinations from the partner university.

What does Erasmus pay for?

International academic mobility is becoming increasingly important. As an Erasmus + scholarship holder, you do not pay any tuition fees abroad, achievements are recognized, and you receive a monthly grant of up to 450 euros (studies) or 550 euros (internship).

What does Erasmus fund?

What is Erasmus + funding? One focus of the EU education program is the pan-European mobility of students, lecturers and university staff. In addition to academic exchange between universities, Erasmus + promotes transnational cooperation between universities and business and employers.

Who is funding the Erasmus program?

The total budget of the program is around 450 million euros annually from the EU budget, which in turn is financed by contributions from the member states.

Who gets Erasmus money?

ERASMUS and the Germany Scholarship This supports German students as well as new students with 300 euros (in addition to BAföG benefits) per month for at least two semesters and at most until the end of the standard period of study. You can find detailed information about the Germany Scholarship here.

When do you get Erasmus money?

Payment of the pre-financing within 30 days of the date on which the last of the two parties signed the grant agreement or after the date on which the beneficiary was informed of the decision taken and, if applicable,

How can you do Erasmus?

Application. You can submit an application through the International Office or the Erasmus + office of your higher education institution. Your sending higher education institution will make the selection based on fair and transparent criteria.

When do I have to repay Erasmus money?

You then have to repay the Erasmus mobility grant (if necessary in part) if you have acquired less than 15 ECTS credits per semester while studying abroad and there is no acceptable reason (e.g. certified illness, strike at the partner university).

Is it possible to extend Erasmus?

An extension of the study abroad at the same partner university is only possible from the winter to the immediately following summer semester. Students must apply for the extension informally to the Erasmus Outgoings team at least one month before the originally planned student.

How long can you do Erasmus?

Several stays abroad are possible per study phase via the ERASMUS program, both for studies and for internships. The total stays may not exceed 12 months (Bachelor, Master, PhD) or 24 months (state examination, diploma).

How much is the Erasmus grant?

Erasmus funding: how much is possible Depending on the group of countries, the Erasmus grant is currently averaging € 390 per month.

What is an Erasmus student?

The ERASMUS program is a funding program of the European Union. However, the Erasmus exchange program is particularly well-known and popular – it enables students to study or do an internship at a university within the EU through a three to 12 month stay abroad.

How does the Erasmus program work?

The Erasmus program allows you to spend up to one academic year abroad (without additional tuition fees). The possibility of a scholarship: you will not be left alone with the additional costs of studying abroad, so apply for a scholarship here early!

How does Erasmus Plus work?

You will be financially supported by Erasmus so that you can concentrate fully on your studies abroad. Erasmus Plus (Erasmus +) includes all EU education programs for general and vocational education (Comenius, Leonardo da Vinci, Erasmus, Erasmus Mundus and Grundtvig).

What does Erasmus stand for?

The program should be called ERASMUS – a reference to the philosopher Erasmus von Rotterdam as well as an acronym for “EuRopean Community Action Scheme for the Mobility of University Students”.

In which countries can you study with Erasmus?

Program countries Austria.Belgium.Bulgaria.Cyprus.Croatia.Czech Republic.Denmark.

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