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Windows from Poland – high quality and premium windows for your home

Buying and installing new windows is in principle an investment that is associated with some costs. After all, high-quality products should be built into your own four walls that are manufactured according to the latest technology and current energy regulations.

Anyone who is thinking of making such a new purchase should definitely look around for a reputable online window trade that offers high-quality premium windows from Poland. The products meet all the standards applicable in Europe, convince due to their quality with a high level of energy efficiency and are also significantly cheaper than domestically manufactured windows.

Modern windows from Poland score with their high quality and energy efficiency.

Fenster aus Polen hohe Qualität Energieeffizienz modernes Design lohnenswerte Investition

Why should you buy high quality windows from Poland?

It is not uncommon for companies operating in Germany, as can be read for example at https://www.kwk-fensterhandel.de, that have an extensive selection of premium windows from Poland in their range. The window profiles are purchased directly from a German manufacturer and then sent to Poland for further processing. The offer includes windows made of different materials, such as

  • plastic
  • wood
  • aluminum

While, for example, the high-quality plastics are usually manufactured by market-leading Polish companies, the corresponding profiles come from the production of well-known and trustworthy German manufacturers who have demonstrably received top marks in terms of quality. In Poland, the individual components are now processed into an excellent end product.

What are the advantages for customers when buying a window from Poland?

Due to the price-performance structure as well as the favorable production costs, customers benefit from numerous advantages over the long term:

  • Significantly cheaper purchase price compared to buying in Germany
  • No compromises in terms of the excellent quality
  • High level of energy savings through excellent quality and innovative chamber construction in the manufacture of the profiles
  • Long lasting products
  • Extensive selection of windows made of different materials

High quality windows from Poland are made from different materials.

Fenster aus Polen hochwertige Produkte aus unterschiedlichen Materialien gefertigt

How do you recognize the quality of windows from Poland?

Of course, almost all providers promise special quality products. But consumers should not be satisfied with this statement alone. One of the decisive criteria are certificates that make sales on the European market possible in the first place. Such awards are given for particularly high-quality profiles, so that customers are given the appropriate security when buying a window from Poland. Ideally, this should be sent to you by fax or email before the final order is placed.

What should be considered when choosing the materials?

Here it is always important to focus on quality. With regard to the materials, the weather and conditions of use the windows are subject to should be taken into account. These can have a decisive influence on the longevity of the product. These include, for example, extreme temperature fluctuations or adverse weather conditions. Plastic windows stand out here, while windows made of wood have to be treated properly beforehand in order to be able to keep up with their two counterparts.

Plastic windows from Poland are in particularly high demand at the moment, and for good reasons.

Fenster aus Polen Kunststofffenster besonders gefragt langlebig unterschiedliche Designs

What distinguishes plastic windows from Poland?

Plastic is a sturdy and durable material. Thanks to the comparatively simple adaptation, the material is suitable on the one hand for almost every type of construction, so that interested parties are extremely flexible. But the plastic variants are also an optimal solution for high demands on optics and workmanship. In addition, plastic windows from Poland are extremely easy to care for and require little maintenance. With the appropriate quality glazing, buyers also benefit from

  • Thermal insulation
  • Conduction
  • Soundproofing

These properties enable considerable savings potential, as no energy is lost during the heating season. In addition, due to the excellent sound insulation, it can sometimes get a little louder without the noise having a disruptive effect.

What are the advantages of wooden windows?

The natural product wood impresses with a noble look and gives the house an incomparable charm. Such specimens are also ahead in terms of ecology, as they are a renewable raw material and no important resources are wasted. In addition, they can be integrated into many existing facilities and will quickly become a real eye-catcher in every apartment. Anyone who opts for a timeless wooden window (with aluminum clip for more stability) from Poland, however, has to undertake a maintenance effort that should not be underestimated in order to maintain the aesthetic look for years. If you choose the right provider, you can expect excellent quality in any case, which stands for longevity and energy efficiency.

Aluminum windows – what are the advantages?

Aluminum is a particularly light material, which nevertheless knows how to impress with its robustness. The rather simple look of the profiles is especially ideal for a modern living concept. The material is easy to care for and a fully functional element even after many years of use. Even with large glazing, if properly installed, no deformation of the material is to be expected in windows from Poland. In terms of watertightness and thermal insulation, no compromises have to be made with such a construction, since it is of excellent quality.

Aluminum windows are durable and easy to care for.

Fenster aus Polen Aluminiumfenster zur offenen Veranda langlebig und pflegeleicht

Are there also made-to-measure windows from Poland?

With a well-established supplier, tailor-made windows are also available, whereby different ways of ordering are possible. On the one hand, the dimensions can be entered in the corresponding online configurator and sent to the company using the quick request form. However, this requires an absolutely exact measurement. In addition, construction plans with the required dimensions can be sent by fax or email, which are then evaluated and processed by online retailers. This form shortens the ordering process considerably. As soon as questions arise, personal advice over the phone should also be part of the service of good online shops.

Are offers and consultations chargeable?

As soon as a trustworthy provider has been selected, the request for a quote is free of charge and without obligation. Any desired advice by telephone or an inquiry via WhatsApp is also free of charge and does not burden your own budget. The result of the request is usually given within the next 24 hours.

Are the windows from Poland delivered within Germany?

Service-oriented companies deliver all types of windows within Germany – free of charge. The transport takes place safely on a wooden stand, whereby the elements are protected with a film. Some online retailers also offer free delivery of a forklift for a previously defined order value to simplify unloading or to easily reach places that are difficult to access. In some cases, delivery to Austria is also possible.

What selection can you make when placing an order?

There are different options depending on the provider. It is therefore important to select a dealer who provides as many selection criteria as possible as a package. These include, for example

  • Window type
  • Profile (material / material)
  • color

In addition, different resistance classes (RC 1 and 2, burglar-resistant) and the type of glazing (double, triple) should also be included in the offer, so that customers are flexible in their decision.

Windows from Poland can be made in individual designs according to the customer’s request.

Fenster aus Polen individuelle Designs auf Kundenwunsch

What about the guarantee for windows from Poland?

In this context, buyers should read the terms and conditions of the respective provider carefully, as the warranty period can vary. If you have chosen a trustworthy window trade, the warranty period is usually 2 years. The conditions of the selected retailer should also be known in advance with regard to complaints or similar areas.

What do you have to pay attention to when buying?

If the dealer can show verified certifications and the profiles are manufactured on the basis of German standards that correspond to common European standards, an essential criterion has already been met. In addition, however, there are a few other important factors that should be considered when buying windows from Poland. Essentially, these are:

  • Is the installation included in the price?
  • Are the windows unloaded by the transport staff?
  • Do they correspond to the German values ​​for thermal insulation (U-value)?
  • Are there any seals of approval? (RAL, etc.)
  • Do the fittings meet European standards?
  • What delivery times can be expected?
  • How do authentic customers rate the products?

Consumers should look carefully, especially with regard to the U-value, because as soon as it does not meet the required ratings, in many cases the otherwise usual funding from the Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau (KfW) does not apply. The funds are provided for high-quality windows that meet the standard with regard to energy efficiency and the U-values ​​of an energetic building renovation according to the Energy Saving Ordinance. If the provider is good and trustworthy, customers can assume a positive rating.

When buying windows from Poland, it is imperative to pay attention to the criteria described above.

Fenster aus Polen beim Kauf bestimmte Kriterien beachten


Windows from Poland are an excellent alternative to comparable products from many European countries. Especially when the profiles are manufactured by well-known manufacturers in Germany, for example, and then processed into a high-quality end product. The Polish variant is usually much cheaper without having to compromise on quality or energy efficiency.

In addition to the selection of a suitable online retailer, various criteria must be taken into account and incorporated into the purchase decision. Ultimately, one can assume a long-lasting product and thus also a worthwhile investment.

These high quality windows are undoubtedly a worthwhile investment.

Fenster aus Polen hoche Qualität Energieeffizienz eine lohnenswerte Investition

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