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Windowsill decoration ideas that freshen up any ambience

When it comes to room decoration, one thinks first of all for interesting wall design, right? A photo wall, for example, always attracts everyone’s attention and shows off your favorite photos. Beautiful paintings or small figures scattered around the room also express your style and taste in an intelligent way. But how about a window sill decoration? Did it occur to you that you can decorate the windowsill in every single room so that it looks absolutely eye-catching? In this article we present you great window sill decoration ideas that are easy to imitate on the one hand and appear quite universal on the other. This means that you can use them all year round and decorate your own home with them for any celebration or a specific occasion. In addition, our window decoration ideas have another plus point – you can change them easily and effortlessly and create new window decorations.

Fensterdeko für die Küche

Beautiful orchids and petunias are the most preferred flowers for window sill decoration ideas.

Stilvolle Deko Ideen für die Fensterbank

Flowers and candles are combined on the windowsill in the bedroom.

  • Flowers, candles and Co. – the nuts and bolts of window sill decoration ideas

The window sill inside is a tiny place, but it can be used cleverly and should never be left empty. Here you can skillfully arrange beautiful flowers in vase or pot that you have chosen depending on the season. They bring a natural charm into the ambience and emphasize its cosiness. A couple of scented candles can round off this great arrangement. This way you have the candles close at hand and can light them in the evening to create a romantic atmosphere. These are excellent window sill decorating ideas for the living room and bedroom for example. A photo or a children’s drawing give this decoration the finishing touch.

Best Fensterbank Deko Ideen Photos

Photos are also part of the window sill decorating ideas for the bedroom.

Deko Für Fensterbank

The window sill decoration has to be simple but beautiful.

  • Window sill decoration ideas for everyday life

As always, we want to be very practical when it comes to window sill decoration ideas and show you decorations that absolutely fit into everyday life. These small arrangements can be made in different styles, for example from rustic to modern to minimalist. But in all cases they radiate cosiness and express your creativity and ingenuity. Now scroll down and steal beautiful and stylish window sill decoration ideas from our picture gallery and implement them in your home.

The Trendomat editorial team wishes you a lot of fun!

fensterbank dekoration pflanzen dekoideen

With a few green houseplants you can add a natural flair to the ambience.

Stilvolle Deko Ideen für die Fensterbank deko

The window sill must not be overloaded under any circumstances.

Fensterbank Dekorieren Schlafzimmer entwurf

Simple window sill decoration is trendy!

Fensterbank Deko Ideen

Show style and taste when decorating the windowsill too!

deko fensterbank

Windowsill decoration for a special occasion

Deko Wohnzimmer Fensterbank ideen

Deko Wohnzimmer Fensterbank

deko fensterbank erker idee laternen immergruen lampen

deko fensterbank kakteen

Fensterbank Deko Herbst Ideen Dekoration

fensterbank deko idee mit runden vasen

Fensterbank Deko Ideen Diy Bilder Küche

Fensterbank Deko Ideen Diy Bilder

Fensterbank Deko Ideen für die Küche

Fensterbank Deko Modern Mit Wohnzimmer ideen

Fensterbank Deko Modern Mit Wohnzimmer

Fensterbank Deko stilvolle Deko Ideen

fensterbank dekoration pflanzen kreative dekoideen

fensterbank dekoration pflanzen

fensterbank deko laternen pflanzen rustikal

fensterbrett innen mit fensterdeko und kissen

Stilvolle Deko Ideen für die Fensterbank deko 1

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