Windshield fogged up? Tips for a clear view in winter

Especially in winter it is not only annoying, but also a big risk in some vehicles, especially in the dark: the fogged up windscreen. The main reason is too much moisture in the car. How to keep the car as dry as possible and get a clear view quickly:


Misted up windscreen: That helps immediately

If you just want to see clearly again quickly, ventilation is the first aid. To do this, you simply set the ventilation to a high blower level and the air direction to “pane” – i.e. upwards. Newer vehicles with automatic air conditioning have a separate button for this function of condensate removal, which automatically regulates the air mass and distribution. This simple tip almost always helps.
If the pane fogs up in summer, you should definitely place the air conditioner directly on the pane at a low temperature – the air from the air conditioner removes the condensation film particularly quickly.
If the blower (usually in winter) can no longer do anything, there is simply too much water on the pane. Then only a microfiber cloth helps to wipe it off. Ideally, a special glass cloth that leaves fewer streaks is used here.

Always avoid fogged windows

Advice number one is also the only correct one: You should not bring moisture into the vehicle. No wet umbrellas or shoes covered in snow. And water in general. Under certain conditions, it rises from materials such as floor mats and becomes a film of water on the windows. So the following applies: In winter, always shake the snow off your shoes. Take a wet umbrella out of the car as soon as you arrive at your destination. It is also worth treating the door seals with a rubber spray, especially on old vehicles that are parked outdoors. Here, too, a lot of moisture can penetrate, which is difficult to get out of the car again.

anti-fog sprays can help against fogged windows, how strong the effect is, but depends on the application and the product.

Since in many cases it is not possible to completely avoid fogging up the windows, it is definitely advisable to Keeping the inside of the windscreen clean. You should clean them regularly with a special microfiber glass cloth and glass cleaner so that a possible condensation film does not mix with dirt and ensures even less visibility. Visibility is quickly lost through a dirty, smudged windscreen, especially when the headlights reflect off oncoming traffic.

winterize the car

It’s also worth getting your vehicle ready for winter in other ways – preferably before the first snowfall. ERGO Direkt has a number of good tips on this. also has a few winter insider tips.

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