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Wine red in the interior – extravagance and grandeur in one

Wine red is a very intense color that can trigger deep emotions. The refined shade of red is primarily associated with love and passion. In addition, a fine wine is colored in this saturated shade, which is why one speaks of Bordeaux or Burgundy red. In short, all sorts of shades of wine red are so attractive that they cannot leave anyone indifferent. You simply love the color and want it in your interior too, or quite the opposite! They avoid them and prefer soft neutral colors in your interior. However, we have written this article for the first group, that is, for all lovers of Bordeaux. In the following lines we will show you how to use wine red in the interior. We also give you tips on which other colors you can combine this expressive shade of red with to create a cozy and warming home.

Stay tuned to find out more about the uses of claret in the interior.

Weinrot im Interieur Wohnaccessoires Stapel weiche Kissen in Bordeaux verschiedene Muster

In most cases, an armchair in Bordeaux is enough to freshen up the whole look of a room …

Weinrot im Interieur Sessel im Schlafzimmer in Burgunderrot toller Akzent

… serves as an accent!

Weinrot im Interieur Sessel in Burgunderrot Homeoffice Hintergrund hell neutral

  • Furniture in wine red in the interior – you can set accents in every room

Since wine red immediately catches the eye and attracts everyone’s attention, it fits perfectly to the purpose of setting accents in the room. The easiest way is to decide on one or a maximum of two pieces of furniture in Bordeaux. For example, it could be an elegant velvet armchair in wine red, a sofa or a chair. When we talk about upholstered furniture in wine red in the interior, one immediately associates it with velvet. Yes, most of the furniture mentioned above is covered in velvet and scores with its elegant look and pleasant feel. They are eye-catching and can only be used individually in the room. Too much wine red in the interior can be overwhelming or overwhelming. Therefore, caution is advised in this regard! It is best to be forewarned and use wine red in moderation in the interior!

Wine red in the interior comfortable couch to spice up the room serves as an eye-catcher

Weinrot im Interieur komfortable Couch den Raum aufpeppen dient als Blickfang

Extravagance and sublimity can easily be combined with each other, exactly with wine red in the interior!

Weinrot im Interieur Couch Blickfang extravagant erhabener Stil

It is also interesting that various pieces of furniture can be made of wine red. In addition to the upholstered furniture mentioned above, you can choose a chest of drawers, a sideboard or even a chair or table in this intense shade of red. Of course, with enough manual skill you can paint old pieces of furniture in Bordeaux and awaken them to new life. Why should you throw away everything old when you could easily make something new out of it? You don’t need a lot for this – wine-red color, your manual skills and a lot of creativity! That’s all!

From old to new: this chest of drawers has obviously been given a second chance.

Weinrot im Interieur aus Alt mach Neu alte Kommode neu streichen in Burgunderrot

Furniture in wine red in the interior looks very elegant and can be used in different rooms. For example, an attractive sofa in this shade of red can be an eye-catcher in your living room or home office. A modern armchair in burgundy velvet can spice up your bedroom or the reading corner next to the window. In all cases, these pieces of furniture are very attractive, so they even have a warming effect. In a neutral interior, wine red can raise the room temperature. So it’s no wonder that Weinrot makes you feel comfortable and cozy in the interior.

The wine-red velvet armchair in front of the window invites you to read and reflect, right?

Weinrot im Interieur bequemer Samtsessel Leseecke vor dem Fenster gemütlich einladend

Wine red in the interior is synonymous with extravagance and grandeur in the room.

Weinrot im Interieur Sessel Lampe Gardinen Raumtextilien in

  • Further options for using wine red in the interior

If you don’t want to spend a lot of money on furniture in burgundy red, there are other cheaper options for using burgundy red in the interior. Here we mainly mean room textiles, wallpapers and home accessories in this intense nuance. For example, curtains, bedspreads for the bed or a couple of burgundy throw pillows can really work wonders in the room. Hardly to speak of a burgundy red carpet. All of these room textiles in wine red bring an extravagant note into the interior and speak for your sublime style. However, the well-known rule applies here: less is more! You can use wine red in the interior not too much and rather in moderation. So the effect is bigger too!

Beautiful wine red curtains refresh the bedroom.

Weinrot im Interieur schöne Gardinen in sattem Rot das Schlafzimmer erfrischen

The colorful carpet breaks through the monotonous interior in white.

Weinrot im Interieur bunter Teppich durchbricht eintöniges Interieur in Weiß

Bring a rich color into the bedroom, and with it a passionate touch!

Weinrot im Interieur Tagesdecke satte Farbe im Schlafzimmer leidenschaftliche Note

Weinrot im Interieur Tagesdecke satte Farbe im Schlafzimmer leidenschaftliche Note ideen

If you want an accent wall in a particular room, paint it in wine red. However, it would be easier to choose suitable wallpaper and cover the wall with it. But you can also opt for smaller accents in Bordeaux and achieve a good visual effect with it. For example, home accessories in wine red such as vases, candlesticks and decorative items cut a fine figure in every room. And are not necessarily associated with a season. They always look fashionable and even timeless.

With an accent wall in wine red you can achieve a WOW effect in every room!

Weinrot im Interieur Akzentwand im Schlafzimmer WOW Effekt

This mural wallpaper is no less attractive!

Weinrot im Interieur Wandtapete fein gemustert sehr attraktiv Sideboard Wohnaccessoires

Weinrot im Interieur Tagesdecke sehr attraktiv Tisch Hängeleuchte Polsterstühle in Orange

Small things, big impact!

Weinrot im Interieur kleine Wohnaccessoires Schmuck in

Weinrot im Interieur Fensterbank Weiß dominiert Kissen in Burgunderrot Blickfang

  • With which colors can wine red be combined in the interior?

Last but not least, we also want to address this aspect of the use of wine red in the interior and show which colors can best be combined with the rich red tone. In order to achieve a visual balance in the room design, primarily choose light, neutral colors and set accents in burgundy red against their background. This color can be combined excellently with white, gray and cream colors, because this is where it comes into its own. However, you can create contrasts with turmeric yellow, orange and petrol and bring more extravagance to the room. But avoid other intense reds from blood red to purple so that your interior doesn’t feel cluttered.

Now scroll down and let yourself be even more impressed by the attractiveness of wine red in the interior. The Trendomat editorial team wishes you a lot of fun!

Wine red in the interior must be used in moderation!

Weinrot im Interieur Wohnzimmer Couch satter Rotton in Massen einsetzen

The rich shade of red also inscribes itself perfectly into the industrial style!

Weinrot im Interieur zwei Sessel Wandschmuck Wohnraum in Industrial Style

You can feel comfortable and cozy in such a heat-radiating living room!

Weinrot im Interieur Wohnraum in Grau Akzente in Burgunderrot Wärme ausstrahlend

…. If your interior doesn’t look cluttered!

Weinrot im Interieur Raum überladen zu viele Farben Sachen Möbel

Less is better!

Weinrot im Interieur weißes Schlafzimmer weißes Bettzeug dunkelrote Deko Kissen

Your interior could be just as attractive and stylish!

Weinrot im Interieur attraktiv stilvoll Teppich Bücherwand Treppe Glastür Blick zum Innenhof

Weinrot im Interieur Schlafzimmer attraktiv stilvoll wirkt einladend und gemütlich

Without a doubt, burgundy goes well with any Christmas decoration!

Weinrot im Interieur attraktiv stilvoll Weihnachtsdekoration Kerze Kürbis geschmückt

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