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Winter fit – the alpha and omega of good car care

Outside the snow is slowly falling and everything looks so beautifully white! The winter time has started and it will definitely be cold and snow-covered for the next 2-3 months. So we have to be well prepared for this frosty season. The winter white in town and country can be particularly dangerous when you’re out and about. Yes, many people have a certain fear of the cold and logically ask themselves whether their car would be able to withstand the low temperatures outside. And not only that! We all need our cars on a daily basis, regardless of whether we are only making short trips or a long winter trip. We always want to leave our vehicles completely and they must never let us down. So it’s about your personal safety on the road and the big question: is your car winter-proof?
And we will have the answer in a moment: Definitely, if you take good care of it!


Driving a car in winter is a real challenge for all drivers

We want to eliminate unnecessary questions and doubts right away and give you a few practical tips for the correct maintenance of your car in winter.

So that you can drive your car through the cold season without any problems, it would be clever to have a winter check carried out in good time. You can get an appointment for a technical inspection of your car in any workshop.

Winter tires have been mandatory in this country for years

Winter tires have been mandatory in this country for years

Then make an appointment to change your tires right away. This is particularly important because the car tires must be selected according to the season and the tire profile must be appropriate. Low winter temperatures, ice and snow can reduce your personal driving safety if you do not rely on good winter tires. You can find enough information about it on the Internet, for example at Winter Tire Wikipedia. And if you are not exactly sure which winter tires to choose, go to the AutoDOC.de shop, where you can choose from a diverse range of winter tires. Find out more about it and enjoy practical and inexpensive shopping online!

If your engine fails to start or fails completely, you need to have the battery checked. If the battery does not have enough voltage or is rather than (3-4 years), the battery must definitely be replaced. At the same time as the battery, the lighting system (brake light, low beam, headlights, etc.) should also be checked.


Top up with enough antifreeze!

With good maintenance, you can avoid any car damage and other problems with costly consequences in winter. You should therefore check in good time whether there is sufficient frost protection in the cooling water. The windshield wiper system must also be equipped with frost protection so that you can have perfect winter drives. Regular oil changes must also be on your to-do list.


A shovel for snow and ice is one of your compulsory equipment in the car

Last but not least, the necessary accessories belong in the car on every winter trip. Mandatory equipment includes a spare tire with controlled air pressure, a warning triangle, a safety vest, a warm blanket for the passengers, a window scraper … and a shovel for snow and ice. Because your own safety and the driving comfort of your loved ones must always be your top priority!


A warning triangle is a must in your car suitcase


Have a good glass scraper with you


You could also use snow chains


Never leave your car windows iced up

Don’t let the onset of winter surprise you unpleasantly! The weather conditions in the cold months can have a negative impact on your safety when you are out and about, so it is better to follow our tips and act quickly!


A winter trip with the whole family can be a great pleasure in a safe and well-maintained car!


Go away over Christmas when your car is ready for the winter

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