With the answer comes the responsibility: Insurance in the marriage

As soon as the honeymoon is over and everyday life gradually sets in, married couples should take a look at their insurance contracts. Because whoever decides on a common future has a different – usually higher – insurance requirement than a single person. The majority of all newlyweds want to be prepared for an emergency and make provisions for old age. We’ll tell you everything you need to know about the most important insurances in marriage.

Insurance after marriage?

When two people choose to spend the rest of their lives together and express their unconditional love through marriage, a lot changes. In addition to the change of name and address is also the need for insurance is different. There are a few things to consider when it comes to the different types of insurance for married couples.

For newly-weds, it makes sense to expand their existing To merge insurance contracts. With many insurance policies, the spouse can be automatically included in the insurance. This not only makes processing easier, it also saves money. Also should be the conclusion additional insurancethat become relevant after the wedding should be considered.

Take out life insurance in the marriage

Marriage is many things – among other things, it is a utility community. With the wedding, the pension requirement changes, because from this point on you are no longer responsible for yourself. The spouse and the future common children must also be taken into account in the insurance planning.

Protection and security in marriage.
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A stroke of fate such as death or disability is of course a shock for those affected. So that the closest relatives are at least financially secure, the conclusion is worthwhile special life insurancewho provide assistance in an emergency. Be sure to talk about the following three types of insurance in your marriage:

Term life insurance

If a spouse suddenly dies, the bereaved are often faced with a financial fiasco – especially if the deceased is the Main breadwinner of the family was. If income is lost with death, young families usually do not know how to settle their bills and thus maintain their standard of living.

With the graduation a term or life insurance Make sure that your family – spouse and children together – are protected from possible financial worries. If you took out life insurance before you got married, you should definitely check who is registered as the beneficiary. If necessary, transfer this position to your spouse as soon as possible.

Disability insurance

A tragic accident or a devastating illness can lead to feared occupational disability to lead. The state benefits that are offered in these situations are usually insufficient to secure the standard of living after the loss of income. Therefore, both of you – or at least the main breadwinner – should consider taking out disability insurance.

So you can be sure that in the event of an occupational disability you will still be able to cope financially well with your life together. The following applies: The disability pension should at least 75% of the current net income be. If you have already taken out disability insurance, you should definitely check your current sum insured again.

Private pension insurance

A steadily increasing life expectancy can be expected in both Germany and Austria – as a result, pension payments will also be lower and lower in the next few years. If you don’t want to rely on your state pension and prefer to play it safe, consider getting one private pension insurance think.

This form of insurance guarantees that you will be able to maintain your standard of living – even after you have left working life. Your spouse can act as a Beneficiary in the insurance contract to be named. In this way, the premiums paid are paid out to your significant other after your death. Otherwise the sum insured will automatically count as a discount and will be divided among the family members.

Combine household and liability insurance

Getting married not only means taking out additional insurance, it also offers the possibility of to merge existing insurance contracts. In this way, double insurance can be avoided and premiums saved. This situation applies e.g. For example, if you and your partner already have household and liability insurance into the marriage.

Property insurance in marriage
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Household insurance

Household insurance is necessary for that all belongings in the common home against z. B. to protect against fire, theft and other damage. If you have two current contracts, you should give extraordinary notice to terminate the younger policy (the notice period for a marriage is no longer three months, but only one) and leave the older one in place.

In addition to merging both household insurances, you should also have the fixed coverage adapt to the common – most likely much larger – home. This should always correspond to the total value of your own four walls. Otherwise you run the risk of being underinsured and being reimbursed a lower amount in the event of damage.

Private liability insurance

Also at two private liability insurances you can dissolve a clear conscience – the spouse is also automatically insured with this type of insurance. The only exception: if you benefited from a single tariff before getting married, your significant other is not also insured.

If you want to have children, you should have a Family liability Consider – on the one hand, this costs less and, on the other hand, your future children together are also insured here. At least that’s true if the following conditions are met:

  • You live in the same household as your children.
  • Your children are under 18 years old.
  • Your children are not yet working.

The co-insurance of your children runs when you take out yours first vocational training or a first degree out. After that, your offspring will have to take care of their own private liability.

Insurance in marriage: for optimal financial security

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At the latest when a married couple becomes a parent, it is extremely important to be well protected against unforeseeable circumstances. (Image: © victor zastol’skiy / Adobe Stock)

When two people say “ I do ”, it is probably the greatest proof of love of all. Marriage is the yes to the common future – in good as well as in bad days. For the optimal financial security you should take out new insurance policies and merge existing ones. In this way, you are prepared for an emergency and ensure comprehensive retirement provision.

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