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Wrap the Christmas presents with love and imagination!

Today we want to share our useful tips and creative ideas about WeiGo ahead and show you something special. This post is about chic and cool ideas for wrapping gifts, of course for Christmas. You do not need any extra instructions or long explanations to implement these ideas, because here we have simply put together the best ideas for you and you can easily imitate them without any special manual dexterity. Here are the best combinations for every interior style and every possible color scheme.


Use simple wrapping paper for wrapping the Christmas presents and make something special

Wrapping paper is becoming increasingly popular and it is used in decorating in many cases. If you are now thinking, yes, but it’s so boring wrapping a Christmas present in brown paper, you’re wrong! There are many ways to embellish such gift packaging. There are new glitter sprays available in specialist shops that help us much further in creating special Christmas decorations. You can also use this when wrapping gifts. First, you can sprinkle some silver glitter or snow powder on the packaging, and voila! You did it! They both glitter so beautifully and make every Christmas present look very attractive. Second, you can add something else, for example a nice bow, colored ribbon, evergreen twigs, pine cones, dried citrus fruits or cinnamon sticks. If you want something really special, then you can try plaid fabric and large plastic letters. Evergreen twigs or a fresh little wreath would give your gift wrapping the finishing touch and make it really magical for Christmas.


Wrap your Christmas presents in wrapping paper and then embellish them


A few pine cones and green branches make the gifts look unique

christmas-present-wrapping-paper-cinnamon sticks-gingerbread

Cinnamon sticks and gingerbread make the gift more attractive


You can do wonders with snow powder and silver glitter!

Of course, other types of packaging paper can also be used here. For example, Christmas patterned wrapping paper can be found everywhere this season. You will certainly be spoiled for choice, because the range is huge and one paper is more beautiful than the other. Although you wrap the Christmas presents in wrapping paper, you may still need additional jewelry. But it depends a lot on the look and style you want to achieve and the wrapping paper you have available. When If you use black paper, you can spice up the packaging with a nice red bow or gold ribbon. Then add some evergreen twigs and a little bell maybe. Isn’t that enchantingly beautiful? Young and old would be happy about such a gift, wouldn’t they? Pine cones, ornaments, gingerbread cookies and colorful ribbons will make your packaging amazing.

christmas gifts-black-and-white

The classic color duo black and white can also be used when wrapping gifts


White figures and drawings come out really well on black wrapping paper and the red ribbon is the icing on the cake!

christmas present wrapping paper christmas ornaments

Pack with attention to detail


Wrap Christmas presents in beautifully patterned paper, put on black and white

christmas gifts christmas balls glitter

A nicely wrapped Christmas present is given the finishing touch by glittering balls

And finally we want to reveal a trick to you! To make wrapping Christmas presents even more fun, think of what else could be on the packaging. Even small ornaments can turn a gift into an eye catcher.

Pine cones and evergreen branches are common when wrapping Christmas presents. But straw stars are already something attractive. And if you really want to get even more creative, you can knit a pair of mittens and put them on the box. Now your Christmas present not only looks beautifully wrapped, but also really unique!

Have fun and good luck wrapping the presents!

christmas gifts pine cones

Small pine cones transform the Christmas presents into something very special


Small green wreaths embellish the gifts


Mittens personalize the gifts


small details make the packaging incredible

Candy cane treats christmas gifts

You can also add candy canes and other sweets

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