Wrapped Around My Finger Like A Ring

When Sting sings “Wrapped around my finger like a ring,” he is referring to his relationship with Andy Summers. The song was written in 1971 when Summers was still married, and Sting was about to get divorced. Summers admired Sting’s guitar playing and wanted to learn more from him to make it big in music. Summers taught the band the lessons that Sting needed in order to succeed.

The Police’s song “Wrapped Around My Finger” was released in July 1997. It was released as the second UK single and fourth US single from Synchronicity in July 1997. It was written by Sting and was recorded in New York. A&M Records released the song worldwide and followed it with “Selena”, the album’s title track. In the UK, the song was paired with “Someone to Talk To”, and in the US, it was accompanied by a song called “Tea in the Sahara”.

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