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Writing a professional résumé and starting a new professional career – how does it work?

In Germany, as in many other European countries, around 80% of employees are satisfied with their jobs. However, whining and complaining about work are typical topics of conversation at the end of the day. Too much pressure to meet deadlines and to perform at work leads to stress in most cases. And not everyone can take it. If you know this situation and suffer from it, then it is time to start your professional career again. The job search can not only be exhausting and frustrating, it can also be time-consuming and nerve-wracking. So you have to prepare well for it. First and foremost, every job applicant needs a properly written résumé. In the following, you will find out how to write a professional résumé and quickly and safely find the dream job you are looking for.

You need to prepare well for the dream job you want.

Professionellen Lebenslauf schreiben sich auf den gewünschten Traumjob vorbereiten

  • What to consider when writing a professional resume?

To take the first step in a new job, you need an up-to-date and professionally written résumé that sets you apart from the crowd. Therefore, you have to decide on the appropriate form of the document and think through its structure and clarity.

Your professional resume is your passport to your new job

Professionellen Lebenslauf schreiben seine Form Struktur Übersichtlichkeit beachten

The exact form you prefer when writing your résumé mainly depends on the job you want to apply for. There are basically two ways of presenting your personal information and professional qualifications in writing. The tabular curriculum vitae is considered the classic form. It is written chronologically, begins with the first vocational training and ends with the most recent entry about your last job. This résumé scores with its clarity in tabular form and is recommended for applications within the EU. The HR manager can quickly find the information you need about your professional career and assess your skills. The second possible form is the so-called American curriculum vitae. This starts with the newest entry and then goes backwards in chronological order. This résumé structure focuses the HR manager’s attention on the latest information and situations in your professional life. In order to prevent discrimination in English-speaking countries, an application photo is not included, while it is a must for a resume in tabular form.

The good first impression always counts!

Professionellen Lebenslauf schreiben einen guten ersten Eindruck hinterlassen

  • How can you make a good first impression on the recruiter?

In addition to being well structured, you have to write your professional résumé in such a way that it makes a positive first impression. Therefore, try to isolate the most important things about your previous professional career and present it in the most concise but clear form. It would be embarrassing if you left off important information on your current résumé. This way the document can appear incomplete, which would be a serious mistake and a disadvantage for your application. In addition, the professional résumé must emphasize your personality and be tailored to a specific job. List your hobbies, for example, but only those that are related to the advertised position. Don’t forget to emphasize your language skills either, but only if you can prove this with certificates. That’s a good plus for you!

The success of your job search is in your hands!

Professionellen Lebenslauf schreiben Form Struktur Layout Design des Lebenslaufs durchdenken

You gain another advantage if your application is tailor-made for the company in question. In this way, you leave a good impression that you are particularly motivated to take the exact position for which you are applying. This means that your professional résumé must be individually tailored to the advertised position.

Also, when preparing your documents for a specific application, don’t underestimate the layout and design of your resume.

When it comes to writing a professional résumé, the same applies: Every beginning is difficult!

Professionellen Lebenslauf schreiben der Anfang ist schwer sich nicht entmutigen lassen

In order not to make mistakes in this regard, you undoubtedly need professional help. You can also find them online by clicking on this website. You can be sure that with just a few clicks of the mouse you will get professional help with professional résumés. And it’s quick and easy! Your CV will be ready within 15 minutes and you can download the document. Young people and university graduates can also benefit from this. With a professional résumé, you definitely have a better chance of being invited for an interview. And to fulfill your dream for a new job!

We keep our fingers crossed for you and wish you every success in your job search!

With a professional resume, you can find your dream job quickly and easily!

Professionellen Lebenslauf schreiben schnell und einfach den Traumjob finden

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